10 Tips To Help You In Taking Care Of Your Winter Clothes!!

10 Tips To Help You In Taking Care Of Your Winter Clothes!!

By kashish on 18 Jan 2019
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Even though winter season does not last for a longer period of time it is not uncommon for people to invest in expensive cashmere, soft furs or heavy velvet clothes. As good as they sound, these fabrics don't come cheap. These coats, scarves and sweaters are extremely warm and comfortable but they come at a high cost.


These clothes not just mere clothes but a good investment that is extremely worth. It is practically not possible for everyone to buy these kind of clothes every now and then and keeping in mind about the amount of the time of the year they are stored in our wardrobe, it becomes important to take care of them in the best possible way.

Most people don't know the proper way to take care of winter clothes. These clothes can just not be stuffed in washing machine at normal setting and left to be clean. No, every fabric and piece of clothing is different and therefore has different way to be handled and cleaned.  Take a note of all the wise tips on how to take care of your winter clothing in a proper way to be use them in seasons to come.

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Cashmeres are extremely delicate and no matter what instructions you read on the tag, always wash you cashmere sweater in cold water with baby shampoo instead of using harsh clothes detergents

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Often you will notice that there is a layer of lint on your woollen clothes. Do not use hair brush to clean the lint away. hair brush will get struck between the gaps and ruin the entire fabric. Always use lint or suede brush to get rid of all the lint from the surface.

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Always hang your woollen clothes on sturdy thick hangers to prevent them from loosing their original shape due to being hanged.

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Make a habit of getting your coats getting dry cleaned at the start and end of the winter season to prevent moths from ruining them

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Never use boiling water, bleach or whitening powder to clean your winter clothes.

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In order to clean your blankets, factors or vests always soak them in lukewarm water before scrubbing them.

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Never use iron to get rid of wrinkles from your velvet clothes. Use steam.

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Never store your velvet clothes by folding them. Just stuff them with tissues before packing them instead of folding them and stuffing them in your storage.

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Always wear your winter clothes in rotations. That allows the elastic to retain its natural shape back and for the wrinkles to disappear. Regularly wearing them will cause them to get spoiled quickly.

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Do not twist your woollens to get rid of excessive water. Always squeeze them a little and allow them to get dry naturally.



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