8 Clothing Items That Should Be In Every Girl's Wardrobe!!

8 Clothing Items That Should Be In Every Girl's Wardrobe!!

By kashish on 17 Jan 2019
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Fashion is about getting right clothes and styling them in a way that makes you look like a celebrity. You don't need to have high end brands in your wardrobe or expensive silk and lace to look like a star, sometimes right styling with basics can make you look worth million bucks.


It is one of the most important rule to have every colour and every kind of clothing item in your wardrobe and every girl must definitely adhere to it. But there are some basic pieces of clothing that no matter how simple they look must be in your closet. They not only are much needed but they can also make you look like a supermodel easily when styled in a right way.

White T-shirt

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There is nothing more classic and versatile than a simple white t-shirt. It can be either crew neck or v-neck, both work more than fine. A white t-shirt can be paired with any and every outfit. It can be paired  well with  jean, leather pants, blazer, jackets, pants, etc

Pencil Skirt

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There can be nothing more classy and elegant looking than a pencil skirt. It not only highlights all the curves but it also gives amazing shape to derrière. It can be worn in office with simple shirt or t-shirt and it can also be worn at parties or dinner with a complimenting silk or lace camisole.


Form Fitting Jean

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A good pair of jeans is more than enough to enjoy fulfilling life. A comfortable pair will be the one that not only hugs your figure in the right way but it also stretches to right extend to be comfortable. It can be worn to any and every place when styled in the right way. From supermarkets to parties to office.

White Shirt

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A classic white shirt is one of the most sophisticated item of clothing. It compliments well with pants, jeans, skirt, and even a saree. Because of it's white colour it is easy to accessorise with the shirt.


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A blazer is one of the most under-estimated piece of clothing. People usually wear it in the formal way but they don't realise that it can be used for other occasions as well. It is a good formal wear, it saves from cold and it can also be worn for lunch or for casual places.

Dress Pants

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Even though dress pants seems pretty conservative, they are one of the best form of lowers to be worn. Pants look extremely classy and can be worn for any occasion when paired with right top and footwear. They not only make legs look mile long but they are pretty comfortable as well.

Little Black Dress

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A little black dress is the fashion miracle and it can never go out of style. A LBD can be worn anywhere at any time of the day and make you look sexy. The colour itself is one of the biggest supporting factor since it looks amazing on everyone. It never becomes boring and you can easily pair it up with any footwear and accessory.


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