7 Tips On How To Get Rid Of Stubborn Stains From Clothes & Accessories!!

7 Tips On How To Get Rid Of Stubborn Stains From Clothes & Accessories!!

By kashish on 16 Jan 2019
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It feels amazing to have a wardrobe full of different clothes, all ranging from leathers to woollen to chiffon to silk and many more. As much as we would love, the amazing garments just do not appear in our closet magically. These are the clothes that we spend most of our salaries on. These clothes range from old school to all the high end brands that we can afford and so it becomes our most important duty to take care of these garments and make sure they reunion as good as new for long period of time.


Taking care of garments is not an easy feat. They go through rough handling, wear and tear and to top it all the stains from coffee, food, grease, etc that can sabotage the entire garment and render it good enough for being a rag. But the pain of turning your favourite dress into a mere rag can be easily avoided by simple tricks that can be useful in getting rid of all the unwanted stains and spots from the garment.

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Dropped red wine on your beautiful shirt or dress? Don't worry, use white wine and get rid of the stubborn wine stain easily.

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Your perfume left nasty stains on your garment? Use protective foam that is usually wrapped around hangers to rub it on the stain and get rid of them.

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In order to get rid of oil stains from your handbags, cover them with baby powder and let them rest for over night. Baby powder absorbs all the oil from the area, If the stain is still there then repeat the process again until its finally gone.


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To get rid of all the dirt sticking on your suede footwear, rub a stale piece of bread on them. Bread will help in removing all the stains and make your footwear look as good as new.

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Every time your clumsiness acts up and you end up spilling something on your garments then remember to blot the affected spot with wet paper or cloth instead of rubbing it with dry cloth or paper. In rubbing the affected area with dry cloth or paper will cause the stain to ingrain within the weave of clothes.

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To get rid of lipstick stains from garments use hairspray. Rub some hair spray on the top of the stain and let it settle before washing it off.

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Use detergents you use for washing utensils to get rid of stubborn stains of grease from garments.




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