5 Food Items You Must Eat To Remain Healthy & Fit This Winter Season!

5 Food Items You Must Eat To Remain Healthy & Fit This Winter Season!

By GirlStyle on 14 Jan 2019

Winter season can affect a lot more than your wardrobe choices and electricity bills. The chilled winter also affects your regular habits and body. It causes changes in your metabolism and regular energy levels along with your constant cravings of junk like hot chocolates and gajar ka halwa.

It is common for people to reduce their water intake during winters only to constantly binge on heavy and hearty meals. The calorie intake of most of the people tend to increase during winter seasons which is not good for body and health. The never ending lazy days and urge to skip gym and remain warm is high.

These habits are neither good for you nor for your body. The best solution to this problem is to create a proper eating routine that allows you to take balanced diet all while protecting your body from the cold and increasing your immunity. Take a look at five food items that are not only healthy and tasty but are easy to incorporate into your meals.


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Dates are known to be the power house of the nutrients. They have lower fat content which helps in keeping weight in check and they also help in keeping warm during winters. The presence of omega also helps in building immunity.

Dry Fruits

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Dry fruits help in increasing the metabolism and provide warmth to the body. They keep the nervous system active and improve heart and body condition. They have low cholesterol and more of fiber that keeps body healthy.


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Turmeric is full of anti-oxidants and is also known to be anti-inflammatory. It helps in boosting the immunity and prevents the body from cold, flu and other diseases. The healing qualities of turmeric helps in fighting diseases and it keeps cholesterol and blood pressure in check.

Root Vegetables

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Root vegetables are full of anti-oxidants and vitamins. They not only reduce the risk of cancer but they also help in improving the heart condition, digestion and strengthen the bones.

Sweet Potatoes

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Sweet potatoes are high in nutrients and low in calories. They are rich source of fiber, potassium and vitamins. They reduce inflammation, build immunity and cure constipation.


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