#MakeupAtWork: Five Key Rules Of Doing Makeup For Office

#MakeupAtWork: Five Key Rules Of Doing Makeup For Office

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By Samprita on 11 Jan 2019
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A challenge that various young aspiring women have to face is to choose a makeup look that is perfectly suitable for a corporate environment. Looking professional is equally important as it is to work hard in the office space.

This clearly means that you cannot walk into your office with a heavily contoured pancake face, but it doesn’t also have to be a bare face. According to certain studies, it is reported that women who wear makeup to work feel more confident are more likely to get promoted. The key thing that you have to keep in mind is to find a look that enhances your natural beauty.

For most people, good appearance does not count as a part of being an efficient employee at the workplace. However, it is not a bad option when it can help in your own personal growth.
Some of the most successful women have made an effort to stand out with their appearance with their fashion and beauty choices.

However, beauty looks like smokey eyes or bright lips in are a big no at the workplace. They either end up making you look too sexy or you have forgotten to remove your last night's makeup from dinner. Either way, it sounds quite awkward and a bit OTT!


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If you want people at work to give you attention without scaring them then there a couple of rules you can keep in mind. We bet you these rules are safe and you won't end up embarrassing yourself.

  • You don’t have to keep retouching your makeup every now and then at the office. A quick touch up with your compact is just enough right before your meetings. Invest in good long-wear products like a good hydrating BB cream and don't forget to seal your makeup with a setting spray.


  • It has to be easy and quick for you to be able to complete it in a rush. Some people might be ready to spend 30 minutes doing their face in the mornings, but it is just not required ladies. Spend the good extra 20 minutes on sleep and 10 minutes on doing your face.


  • Makeup should be your enhancing factor and not something which hides your natural beauty so keep it easy, subtle and fresh. Trust us, minimal is in trend and speaks much more in terms of beauty.

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  • It shouldn’t be a distracting factor for your colleagues; remember, you want people to be listening to you without gossiping about your hot pink gloss or your black smokey eyes.


  • You need to feel both comfortable and amazing the way you are. If you’re busy stressing about your eyeliner, how are you going to focus on the files? So a nude lipstick, a dash of kajal in eyes and tons of mascara is the perfect go-to look. If you wish to add blush, just take a creamy pink lipstick and dot some on your apple of cheeks and blend it away. Voila, you are all set to go for work.


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