8 Simple Tricks To Stay Warm And Maximise Your Style Quotient This Winter

8 Simple Tricks To Stay Warm And Maximise Your Style Quotient This Winter

By kashish on 21 Jan 2021
Digital Editor

Fashion trends keep changing with time, season and according to the occasion. From basic to extremely noticeable, every little detail is important when it comes to dressing up for an occasion. Style varies and trends change simultaneously with the seasons. Just like summer season, there are trends for winter, spring and autumn season.

Winter season is extremely fun when it comes to amping up your game. It won't be wrong to say that the devil is in details. Not all of us can afford stylists and an army of people to dress up according to the trends so the way is to take note about tiny details & schemes in relation to wardrobe options for the winter season. From colours to must-haves to classic and experimental, every trend should be sampled with.

Take a note of a few styling tips to help you rock your fashionable winter looks!

  • Include classic like leather jackets, trench coats and denim jackets in your wardrobe.

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  • Do not forget the scarves. They are fun to play with, not only they save from cold winds they also bring the additional charm to the outfit.

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  • Dress up according to the colours. The colours that compliment your skin tone and are suitable for winters. Like dark colours look extremely wonderful on most of the skin tones and must be worn during winters.
  • When simple sweaters and jackets bore you, try layering your outfits. Layers not only provide extra protection from extreme cold but it looks extremely chic as well.

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  • To give the illusion of long legs try to match the colour of your lowers with the colours of your long boots.  Pair your coloured boots with sober colours to rock.

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  • Do not worry about buying winter clothes because the winters here in India do not long last. Invest in your winter clothes as good as you invest in summer outfits. People do notice the way you dress up.
  • Include some plaid in your wardrobe for the winter season.

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  • If you are not in the mood to rock in your regular winter jackets then pair your basic outfit with a great blazer.

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