7  Tips To Help You Protect Your Hair After Colouring!!

7 Tips To Help You Protect Your Hair After Colouring!!

By GirlStyle on 10 Jan 2019

Colouring hair can be extremely fun and interesting. Various women like playing with their hair and experimenting new looks. But as fun as all of it seems there are some cons of colouring hair as well. Hair colouring requires the use of harsh chemicals and even bleach on hair which do cause damage to hair.

It is a fact that hair do get damaged every time you colour it but that does not mean that we need to stop being adventurous. It simply means that we should take a little more than normal care of our hair. With proper care and efforts you can easily go on flaunting your gorgeous coloured mane.

Hair Trimming

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Hair damage after colouring is inevitable and tips of the hair is the first place where hair damage is visible. Make sure to get hair trimmed frequently after hair colouring to avoid the hair damage from spreading through entire hair.


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Use good quality leave in conditioners. It is will not only protect your hair colour but will also provide hair with some moisture and reduce the frizz because of all the bleach and chemicals.

Hydrate Hair

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Hair need hydration as colouring can rob them of all their natural oils and minerals thus making them dry and dull. Make it routine to frequently use hair masks or packs to provide nourishment to your hair and make them strong.

Oil Hair

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Hair colour makes hair dry and brittle. The hair become vulnerable and there are chances of excessive hair breakage. After hair colour make sure to oil your hair on the regular basis that includes oiling them right after hair colour. Oil will not only form a protective layer over hair and reduce the chances of hair colour to wash of, it will also make hair strong and moisturise them.

Reduce Using Heat

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Hair colour does not respond well to heat and there are full chances of hair colour fading quickly the more it is exposed to heat. Therefore it is important to avoid using heating rods, flat irons and blow dryer as much as possible. The lesser your use heated products for styling the longer your hair will last. Also all theses heat styling products cause split ends and damage hair.

Reduce Hair Wash

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Reduce the number of times you wash your hair, once you get them coloured. It is suggested so to avoid hair colour being washed off due to regular hair wash and secondly due to the fact that doing shampoo on regular basis can also rob the hair of its natural oil making them even more dry.

Protein Masks

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Protein is extremely important for hair. It makes the hair strong and prevents the breakage or split ends. Therefore make sure to use proteins based hair masks or packs, you brought from the market or apply raw egg on your hair to nourish hair with proteins.

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