Find The Best Hair Brush According To Your Hair Type For Silky & Smooth Mane

Find The Best Hair Brush According To Your Hair Type For Silky & Smooth Mane

By GirlStyle on 09 Jan 2019

When the deal is about having gorgeous hair it has to be the best of the lot. People talk about hairstyles and how you can keep them healthy and shiny but what we feel has not been an integral part of your hair care routine is hairbrushes.

Well, we don't blame you for that, people almost forget about this necessary aspect of how important it is to have a good hair comb/brush for your hair care. So, for a change let’s talk about hairbrushes —the basic quintessential hair beauty tool. And, just in case you are wondering what's so special about it then keep reading to know more.

Have you seen hairdressers using different types of brushes at the salon? Well, that the thing in here that different hairstyles & different hair types require a different type of brush for them. To know more in detail, let's take you through five types in the category.

Fine to normal hair type: Pure Boar Bristle Brush

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Fine-to-normal hair type is easy in terms of maintenance and styling. People with the following hair type must use boar bristle brushes to get polished strands. The brushes work amazingly at lifting away dirt and dust while distributing the scalp’s natural oils from root to tip.

Damaged or thin hair type: Soft Boar Bristle Brush
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Soft Boar bristle brushes are great for people with thin and delicate hair. This type of brush helps in the stimulation of the scalp and increases the blood circulation in the hair follicle.

Very thick or rough hair: Nylon Bristle Brush
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For this hair type, the flexible type of boar bristles is not satisfactory and they become quite difficult to work with for thick hair. Therefore, it is suggested to use a nylon brush since nylon bristles are stiffer and offer more control to tame your hair.

Curly hair: Wooden Bristle Brush

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Who says that curly hair doesn't need to be brushed? In fact, it becomes es more important to take care of them because they are frizzy & manageable. There are unique challenges girls with curly hair have to face. And with the right hair tool, everything can be tackled. It is suggested that you use a hairbrush with wide spaced wooden pins. Wood brushes are very gentle on dry and rough hair for nice looking curls.
Short hair with bangs/flicks: Small & Round Boar Bristle Brush
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People who have smooth and short hair which bangs must use a small round brush which has boar bristles. Boar is a great element that helps in creating volume in your hair.

If you have read the entire article then don't forget to buy the one that suits you the best for gorgeous locks!


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