5 Exercises You Can Do At Home To Get Rid Of Body Fat!!

5 Exercises You Can Do At Home To Get Rid Of Body Fat!!

By GirlStyle on 09 Jan 2019

Everyone wants to be fit and look good but that requires proper diet and exercise routine. In today's era people barely have time to breathe or stand and stare, let alone manage to take some time out of their busy schedule and go to the gym.

It is not easy to loose weight or reduce body fat, it needs dedication and lots of patience which people seem to lack these days. The best option to solve the issue of wanting to loose fat and not having to go to gym, is to do some simple exercises at home that can be extremely beneficial.


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Plank targets most of the muscles simultaneously specially the core. Even though it requires loads of stamina, planks can help in burning all the body fat fastest. Plank requires endurance in glutes, lower back and core.


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Burpees is a part of Hyper Intensity Interval Training. It directly targets, core, legs and chest at one time. The more you feel the burn the leaner you will get.

Mountain Climbers

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Mountain climber is a simple exercise which targets all the fat accumulated in the lower abs. It is the hardest place to get rid of the fat. It also benefits the arms and shoulders.

Rope Jumping

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Robe jumping is one the most common and simplest exercise that can be done by people of all age. It is the easiest way to burn calories and reduce weight quickly. All you need is a jumping rope and lots of stamina to jump. It helps in warming up the body along with burning the calories.

Jumping Jacks

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Jumping jacks is the exercise which most of us used to love doing during our childhood. Jumping jacks helps in making muscles strong and allows them to grow. When muscles grow they push the body fat and make the body leaner and fit.



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