6 Tips For Strong, Shiny & Healthy Nails

6 Tips For Strong, Shiny & Healthy Nails

By GirlStyle on 11 Jan 2019

Nails are one of the most ignored body part when it comes to self care. People usually skip taking care of their nails which ends them in dealing with brittle, chipping nails, pulled cuticle and skin peels. Nails are also an important body part and taking care of them is extremely important for healthy nails and healthy lifestyle. If nails in not in good condition then their are chances that person can fall ill frequently due to all the germs that are in nails and enter our food while eating.

Nails are extremely sensitive and require proper care. If you will notice properly then most times we are able to see and feel ridges, dents and discolouration of nails. It is not practical to visit salon continuously only to get nails done therefore you should know about the ways to take of nails at home. Take a note of few tips that can make your nails look beautiful and make them healthy.

Do not use harsh nail paints

Most of the nail paints contain strong chemicals as they can harm nails by making them brittle. Therefore always used water based nails paints that even though do not last long but definitely are the best option. Always check the labels of the nail paint before buying to look out for strong and harsh toxins in it.

Always moisturise

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Just the you moisturise your body, you need to moisturise your hands and nails as well. Washing hands with soaps and using santizers tend to dry out the nails and cuticles. Therefore always pay attention to hydrate them.

Cuticle care

It is important to take care of the cuticles to avoid infections and bacteria. Make a habit to moisturise your cuticles with cuticle oil or coconut and almond oil. Always make sure to trim your cuticles and push them back if needed.

Buff nails

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In order to get natural shine on your nails and get rid of dead layer always buffer your nails. It polishes the nails and makes them shiny and also reduces discolouration.

Acetone-free nail remover

It is suggested to use acetone free nail pain in order to avoid brittle and hash nails. There are various companies that sell acetone free nail make sure to buy one of those. Acetone also turns the nails yellow and it is not acceptable.

Transparent nail paint

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If you are not in the mood to colour your nails then make a habit to coat your nails with transparent nail paint. It not only form a protective layer over nails but it will also make nails strong by preventing them from breaking.


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