7 Tips To Make Accessories Look As Good As New!!

7 Tips To Make Accessories Look As Good As New!!

By GirlStyle on 07 Jan 2019

Accessories are the best way to revamp the entire outfit. Just a few accessories here and there can not only change the entire look but enhance the outfit as well. To look swoon worthy it is important to don proper accessories which compliment the entire look instead of looking out of the place and diminishing the entire outfit. Fashion jewellery as easy to afford and they are available in variety of colours and options for one to match them with their outfit.

Over the period of time and with constant use, accessories also do get tarnished and loose their initial bling. One cannot simply buy the jewellery pieces and keep it in the box for the fear of wear and tear, but one can definitely follow some useful tips and can make their jewellery look as good as new and can increase the it's life. 

Avoid swimming pools

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Avoid dipping into pools or coming in the contact of chlorinated water while wearing your accessories. Chlorines causes the jewellery to change it's colour and become dull and black.

Avoid laundry or doing dishes

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It is recommended to not wash dishes or do laundry while wearing jewellery as the harsh detergent chemicals can cause damage to the finish of the jewellery and also cause the jewellery to loose it's initial shine.

Avoid doing chores

Taking part in mundane activities like playing, cooking, working-out, etc should not be done with jewellery on. Accessories are delicate and can end up broken or damaged due to the physical force or some work chemicals.

Store well

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Always make sure to store all your accessories in an air tight box along with cotton or silk cloth. Air can oxidise the accessories that causes it to change it's colour. It is important to keep cotton, silk cloth or even velvet cloth between the accessories to avoid them rubbing each other. It can cause the accessories to get damaged or loose colour.

Wear them at last and remove them at first

Always make sure to wear your accessories at the last after you get dressed up and to remove them before changing clothes. This way the chances of clothes getting stuck in the accessories will be none and jewellery will not get broken due to push and pull.

Avoid lotions, perfumes or hairspray

Our body lotions, perfumes and hairspray often contain the chemicals which do not compliment well to our accessories just the way they do to our body. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your accessories do not come in contact with them anyhow.

Do not use jewellery cleaner

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The cleansers used to clean jewellery are made keeping in mind about the kind of metal they are for example like-silver, gold or platinum. Using the jeweller cleansers to cleans common accessories can cause them to loose their colour or shine. jewellery cleansers are harsh as they are made for better and heavy metals and so there are chances that they can end up causing damage to all the delicate accessories.


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