Check Out Which Hair Colour You Should Try In 2020 Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Check Out Which Hair Colour You Should Try In 2020 Based On Your Zodiac Sign

BySamprita on 27 Nov 2020 Senior Digital Editor

With the onset of a new year, we are all set to bring in some freshness into our lives. And the very first thing that pops in our head while we are thinking of a change is a makeover. One way to help you change your appearance majorly is to experiment with your hair and what better than gorgeous hair colour.

Colouring your hair is the best possible way to give yourself a ravishing look to slay in this new year. To help make it easier for you we have found the perfect colour that would match your personality. Wondering what hair colour has to do with your zodiac? Well, each and every zodiac sign represents a set of character traits that describe who you are.

So, if you are a practical Capricorn or a passionate Gemini who is looking for a new hair colour, we know which hair colour is meant for you.

EARTH SIGNS - Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn

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The earth signs in the zodiac are true nature lovers which makes them very grounded, wise and sane. They are quite comfortable with the concept of embracing what God has blessed them with. They follow the logical approach in life and it is the same rule they follow when it comes to hair colouring as well. They should opt for a natural-looking hair colour such as hues of dark brown or chocolate brown that is closest to their natural hair colour.

WATER SIGNS - Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces
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Water signs in the zodiac love to experiment with their looks and are tremendous adventure lovers. They are not at all afraid from stepping out of their comfort zone and trying things which are OUT-OF-THE-BOX. The signs are quite dramatic and are all up for adding a hint of freshness to their life. Considering the traits, they should go for the trending shades likes rose gold, pastel hues or silvery ash tones which rightly represent the soothing and feminine traits.


AIR SIGNS - Gemini, Libra & Aquarius
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The air signs in the zodiac represent their quick, flirty and smart personality traits. They are great at charming people with their cool and extrovert attributes. Since the sign is great at socialising they are all sorts of trendy and glamorous with the right balance of elegance. They don't like trying extremely crazy things, therefore, their sophisticated and chic approach would incline them towards trying something new while they still stick to the idea of enhancing their natural looks. Shades like bold dark blonde, or beautiful burgundy and the fancy colourful hair roots with compliment them the best.

FIRE SIGNS - Aries, Leo & Sagittarius

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The fire signs in the zodiac represent a carefree, warm and exciting nature. These signs are spontaneous in attitude and are always up for having fun. Their energetic, independent and sparkling nature make them a perfect friend to chill with. Since these signs love getting attention but like to keep it subtle they should opt for hair colours that aren't fussy but still makes them look bright enough. Colours such as honey blonde, hues of gold or pastel shades with an exciting balayage hair colouring technique describe them the best.

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