7 Ways To Revive The Shine Of Silver Jewellery At Home

7 Ways To Revive The Shine Of Silver Jewellery At Home

By GirlStyle on 04 Jan 2019

Silver is one of the simplest and classy looking metal. It is often used for making beautiful accessories. Silver jewellery looks sophisticated and compliments well with both ethnic and western looks. Silver accessories are easily available and they come in both traditional and modern type.

The one and only issue that one comes across while dealing with silver accessories is the fact that they get oxidised after sometime. They loose their shine and become dull and black. It is not practically possible for people to constantly go to their jewellers and get their silver polished and therefore to help you in dealing with the same issue, we share with you some  to revive the lost shine back of your silver accessories.


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In order to bring back the luster  of all your silver accessories dunk them into lemon soda for 10-15 minutes and wash it off with regular water afterwards. Instant results are visible.


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Bring back the shine of your silver jewelleries, soak them into the mixture of vinegar and baking soda for two to three hours. Wash them with water later and Voila!! All your accessories will be as good as new.

Lemon & Salt

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Make a mixture of one tablespoon full of lemon juice, half cup salt and half cup of water. Soak all your silver jewellery over night into it. Next day your silver jewellery will be a sparkling as new.


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Make a paste pof cornstarch and water. Using a soft cloth rub the paste on to your silver accessories and let the paste dry. Once dried, remove the paste with damp cloth and your silver jewellery will be shiny once again.


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Put a little ketchup on paper tower and use it to rub on all the tarnished areas of your jewellery and leave it for 15 minutes. Wash your jewellery with water later and you will have lustrous jewellery back.


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Put a scoop of laundry detergent in a bowl of boiling water and dunk all your silver accessories in it for few minutes. Wash your jewellery with water and its ready to be worn again.

Aluminium Foil & Salt

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Line a bowl with aluminium foil and pour hot water and salt in it. Soak your silver jewellery in the bowl for few  minutes before taking them out and cleaning them.


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