5 Essential Rules Of Wearing Dark Lipstick!!

5 Essential Rules Of Wearing Dark Lipstick!!

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By GirlStyle on 04 Jan 2019

Winter is the perfect season to opt for vampire palette. Darker shades suit the atmosphere and surrounding in most compatible way and while you cannot rock in dark and smokey eye makeup look at professional places,you can definitely opt for darker lip shades for luscious look.

Dark lipstick shades are worn usually during winter season because they are warm and compliment well with paleness that people usually develop during cold weather. Bold and dark lipsticks are harder to pull off, as there are various pointers to make sure that one does not end up looking scary or joker.But once you are well; aware with them you can easily rock the dark lip colour like a pro! Take note of few rules you need to keep in mind while supporting dar lip colour.

Always use lip liner

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One of the most important rule you need to keep in mind before applying dark lipstick is to outline the lips. Outlining the lips helps in giving the lips proper shape and it also prevents the lipstick from running off the edges.

Neutral makeup

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When opting for darker lipstick always make sure to keep rest of your makeup neutral to avoid looking like a clown. Neutral makeup balances the entire look and makes it more sophisticated.

Red & pink undertones

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Remember to opt for dark lipsticks with red or pink undertones like berry and wines instead of darker undertones. Darker undertones will give more of blackish lip colour  effect instead of simple dark shades. There is fine line between dark lip shades and gothic lip shade look.

Don't go overboard

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Most important thing to remember is to not go overboard with eye makeup. You cannot pair bold lip shade with over dramatic eye makeup. Keep your entire makeup look subtle for best look.Dramatic eye look will attract attention more towards your eyes than your lips.

Don't go for gothic look

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You do not want to look gothic when every time you apply dark lipstick. Hence, do not opt monochrome makes look when applying dark lip colour.


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