7 Amazing Tips To Manage Frizzy Hair Easily!!

7 Amazing Tips To Manage Frizzy Hair Easily!!

By kashish on 03 Jan 2019
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Frizzy hair is one of the biggest problems that most of the ladies have to suffer through. It is horrifying to watch yourself in the mirror after a long day only to look at a bird's nest on the head. It can be due to extreme heat or humidity that our hair looks like a lion's mane at the most inappropriate time.


Since it is an already acknowledged fact that frizzy hair is the most common issue among the women and before finding the solution is it important to know what are the causes of frizzy hair. It is must to know that frizzy hair are caused due to dryness in the hair. When hair is dry they become damaged hence become more prone to frizzy-ness and in a similar way excessive heat and humidity can also absorb all the moisture from hair and scalp making them damaged and frizzy. take a note of a few simple tips and tricks that can be helpful in managing frizzy hair quickly and easily.

Use high glycerin shampoo


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Glycerin is a wonderful moisturizer, therefore, make sure to use a shampoo that has a high content of glycerin. Glycerin hydrates the hair from within and makes them less frizzy. It also forms a protective layer over hair and prevents them from humidity. Also, make sure to avoid using sulfate shampoos. It definitely lathers up but strips the hair from all of its natural oil leading to dry and frizzy hair.

Always use conditioner



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Hair conditioner is one of the most underestimated product. Using good hair conditioner after every wash ensure the hydration and moisture in the hair and it also prevents the hair cuticles from expanding and opening up and allowing the humidity to react.

Use a cotton t-shirt to dry hair


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Make sure to switch your towel with a cotton t-shirt to dry your hair because towel can be rough and can disrupt the hair cuticle and make the hair frizzy. Cotton t-shirt, on the other hand, is much softer and dries hair smoothly without disrupting the hair cuticles.

Use heating tools at low-temperature



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Always use heating tools at a lower temperature than high. Using hair tools at a high temperature can cause the hair cuticles to swell which will damage the hair further and make them even frizzier. therefore, the safest option is to use the heating tools in moderate setting to avoid damaging hair further.

Use alcohol-free hair products



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Alcohol has the tendency to cause hair cuticles to swell which further make hair frizzy. Always use hair sprays and other products free from alcohol.

Use diffuser for hairdryer 



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Blow drying hair at a high temperature can cause hair to dry out excessively and become frizzy therefore the best option is to use hair diffuser which will allow only the moderate heat to pass through the dryer and dry hair accordingly without causing them to become frizzy.

Use homemade hair mask to reduce frizz


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Make a routine to use natural homemade hair masks and packs that can help in reducing frizzy-ness quickly. Apply those hair packs and masks at least once a week and regularly to protect hair and improve their condition.


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