7 Benefits Of Using Chandan Ka Tel ( Sandalwood Oil) For Flawless Skin!!

7 Benefits Of Using Chandan Ka Tel ( Sandalwood Oil) For Flawless Skin!!

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By kashish on 30 Dec 2018
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Sandalwood aka Chandan is one natural ingredient we all have been familiar with all our lives. It is natural and extremely beneficial. It has been is use to enhance skin and body since centuries. One of the most used Ayurvedic product is also the most recommended product by all our grannies from their book of " Dadi ke Nuskhey101".


Sandalwood comes in various forms and types and can be used accordingly but one of the most beneficial way to use sandalwood will be to use it in its oil form. Sandalwood oil is full of therapeutic benefits and the heavenly aroma it emits is additional benefit. Let's take a look at some of the most beneficial uses of sandalwood oil for that gorgeous and smooth skin.

Hydrates Skin

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People who suffer the from the problem of excessively dry skin, sandalwood oil is the miracle they have been looking for!! The oil helps moisturizing the skin by penetrating deep within all the layers and hydrating the skin from deep within. It brings the life to dull and dry skin with its healing properties.

Reduces Scars & Blemishes

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Sandalwood oil is known to sooth the skin with all of its natural properties. It also helps in reduction of inflammation. The presence of astringent therefore, it helps in curing eczema, blemishes, acne and pigmentation. It also helps in preventing breakouts further.


Cures Itch and Infections

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Sandalwood oil as you know soothes the skin while making it look at good as baby's soft skin. It is also known for protecting the skin from harmful germs and bacteria that can cause the skin to develop infections and the problem of itchiness.Sandalwood oil cures skin infections and itchiness.


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Our skin begins to show the signs of ageing at extremely early stages. There is no way one can stop or halt the process of ageing, therefore the best option is to reduce the entire process and in doing so sandalwood oil is one of the biggest help. You can say bye-bye to expensive Botox! Regular use of sandalwood oil can help in reducing fine lines and crow feet.

Makes Skin Soft & Smooth

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Frequent massaging of sandalwood oil on body and skin can make the softer, smoother and supple. It nourishes the skin thoroughly by saturating it with all the essential nutrients and minerals that it requires.

Reduces Oil Secretion

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Sandalwood oil not only moisturizes the dry skin but it also helps in reducing the problem of excessive oily skin. Sandalwood oil helps in tightening all the open skin pores and also controlling the excessive sebum production, thus making less oily.

Tan & Discoloration

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Sandalwood oil is known best to help in reducing tan and to even out discoloration. It helps in breaking down all the pigments present on the top surface and makes the skin tone even.




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