6 Reasons Why It Is Important To Hydrate Your Skin!!

6 Reasons Why It Is Important To Hydrate Your Skin!!

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By kashish on 19 Dec 2018
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Have you ever noticed that your mom and doctor keeps on suggesting you to apply moisturiser on your skin regularly. Even all the magazines and skin related journals say the same. Ever wondered why? Well moisturising your skin not only prevents you from having dry and dull skin but there are various other benefits to it as well.


Take a note of why is it so important to moisturise skin.

Dull and flaky skin

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Skin tends to loose all of its natural oils and moisture, specially during winters which makes skin dry and flaky. Sometimes dryness causes the protective layer of skin to get off and makes the skin vulnerable to all the allergies and dust particles. Therefore, it is suggested to moisturise on regular basis to avoid flakes and dry skin.


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You won't achieve the flawless makeup look if your face is not moisturised properly.  Moisturiser forms a protective layer over the skin to forbid the makeup from entering the fine lines and pores. When makeup enters fine lines they get highlighted and when makeup gets into the pores then they get clogged which causes acne. Therefore, always apply moisturiser on your skin before applying makeup to form a protective layer.


Protective layer

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When you use various skincare products on your face they tend to dry the skin. All the skincare products contain salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, etc and these chemicals tends try rob skin of all its moisture, which leads to redness and irritation at times.


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Acne apin and irritate skin to certain degree and not applying moisturiser can worsen them even more. Always apply a thin layer of moisturiser is your skin is prone to acne. If you have oily skin then apply oil-free moisturiser ignorer to prevent the acne from causing excessive irritation.


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When skin is dehydrated, it highlights all the fine-lines and wrinkles. Also, when skin looses its protective layer it starts developing acne more. Therefore, the best solution is prevent your skin from drying is by regularly apply moisturisers. It will prevent the wrinkles and won't highlight them further.


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Hot showers, harsh soaps and pollution cause the skin to tighten and sometimes it hurts and even causes the blood to appear. To prevent tightening and cracks slather a layer of moisturiser on your skin.


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