Get Your Daily Doze of Relatability by Following These People On Instagram

Get Your Daily Doze of Relatability by Following These People On Instagram

By Shivani Yadav on 02 Aug 2018

Social media can be a very toxic place and while there are pros and cons to everything, this particular platform can become negative very quickly if you're not following the right people. So, we compiled a list of 10 influencers in the Instagram world to make your experience more amazing.



Tanmay Bhat

You may know Tanmay from AIB or his controversial jokes (or both) and while we can't say you will be getting anything particularly different from his Instagram, it is still worth your follow because it's completely filled with meme-worthy pictures and captions.



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Rega Jha


As the person who brought and stabilized BuzzFeed in India, you can't expect anything less than great from her personal Instagram account. It's been over a month since she left her post as the editor, so at the moment she's busy writing and travelling the country; and the way she has been documenting her experience is surprisingly moving. It's equal parts funny and inspiring. Her posts and stories will make you feel like you're with a close friend.


Rohan Joshi

Another AIB member, Rohan is also a stand-up comedian whose daily Insta stories can make anyone's day better. From chilling with his cat, casually cracking political jokes, having made-up conversations between superhero pop dolls and recommending books, it's clear that he has found a balance between sharing things on Instagram and actually living his life.


Wen d fires of hell conzum u bt dey cant touch u cuz u atheist

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Biswa Kalyan Rath


Biswa is another stand-up comedian, and while he doesn't post as often, he is quite regular with his Insta stories. Some of the most fun stories has been with his fellow comedians and friends. Keep a look out for that as there is some great raw comedy taking place!


The shirt is actually black but I am so hot it’s become Red. #2007

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Srishti Dixit

Srishti is a writer for BuzzFeed and her Insta stories are something not to missed out on. Filled with her experimenting with various filters, interacting with her followers and chilling with her cat, there's never a dull day with her!


I dare you not to send rishtas

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Mallika Dua

Comedian and actress, Mallika is always up for some random fun. With the frequent use of words like scyuaz (excuse) and kyuat (cute), she has managed to make that made-up accent her signature comedy trope. Also, you can see all the behind-the-scene fun from her various shoots!


Ek pyaar bhari nazarz trolls par . . . . #?

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Kenny Sebastian

If you're into stand-up comedy, then we are 99% sure that you must have heard of Kenny. His brand of comedy can be called as observational, doing pretty unique commentary on things that are otherwise normal, while making a nice cup of chai. His Instagram is pretty much the same, but it's the stories where the really fun stuff comes in again, because of how raw and unpractised everything is.



Meghnad S

Meghnad a political writer whose articles have gained a massive online audienc, but what makes him so likable on social media is his natural ability of making his readers/viewers understand politics in a fun way. He encourages his audience to be opinionated and question their government, all the while showing his excellent wit.
If you're on Twitter, make sure to follow him there as well!


Shayan Roy

Shayan is a video producer at BuzzFeed India and the fact that he looks like a 15 year-old is where some of the best jokes can be found. But the biggest star of his account is his daadi. He constantly shares her reaction to things in his stories and his followers loved her so much, that he ended up surprising her with a meet-and-greet in Mumbai. Following his Insta feels like being a part of his family!


Gursimram Khamba

AIB-member Khamba got married earlier this year and since then, his Insta game has gotten even more rich as he is accompanied by his wife Ismeet and computer screen-loving dog, Peach. His account is filled with pure love and comedy. Just give it a look, we're sure you'll love it!


Romantic things to do at the beach ft. @ismeetkohli | What do y’all do??

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