Everything & A Little More You Need To Know About Makeup Expiration

Everything & A Little More You Need To Know About Makeup Expiration

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By kashish on 18 Dec 2018
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Every lady loves doing makeup and looking flawless. It is sufficient to say that dressing up, doing makeover and looking good is one of the only thing common between most women. The thing about makeup is that not every product is used everyday that means there are few products that we all use occasionally but that does not mean that those products do not expire. On contrary to what people actually think, all the cometic products also get expired and loose their touch. When makeup gets expired it traps bacteria and becomes unsuitable for use and it is mandatory to throw the expired makeup products to avoid any kind of skin problems.


However painful it is, it is important to discard expired makeup products. But one of the main issue is to know about the shelf life of all the cosmetic products and two know when it is the time to get rid of the makeup product. Usually when cosmetic products start becoming excessively full of moisture or starts coming closer to eyes, it starts becoming unsuitable for use. Change in smell and texture also is helpful in knowing about the expiration of the makeup. Take notes of when and how to know about the expiration date of your cosmetic products.


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Life-4-8 years

A perfume is one of the most long lasting product. The way to make them last even more longer is by storing them in dark places, away from sunlight to avoid the breaking down of the fragrant particles. Some companies even suggest to store their fragrance in fridge.

Lip Products

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Life- 1 year

When your lip products start changing their texture, be it lipgloss, lipstick, lip balm etc; know thats when you have to discard them. At some instances they even smell distinctively. Always try and store your lip products in the fridge and other cool and dark places.


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Life- 6 months to 1 year

To make your foundation last longer and free of any bacteria keep in mind to not touch the neck of the bottle. Transfer some foundation in the mixing palette or on the back of your hand to keep is germ and bacteria free. When. your foundation nation starts splitting, know it is the time to get rid of it.

Liquid Eyeliner

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Life-3-4 months

Never share your eyeliner with another person in order to avoid transfer of germs and infections.

Cream Blush

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Life- 1 year to 18 months

Use cream blush only when your hands are clean, if using it by hands. Never apply directly with the tube to avoid transfer of germs. When the texture of the blush starts changing realise that it is the time to discard the blush.


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Life-3 months

Never use a mascara more that its shelf life. When mascara gets clumpy, sticky and smells awful, change it. And never share your mascara with another person to avoid the eye infections.


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