5 Tips To Prevent Dandruff During Winter Season!!

5 Tips To Prevent Dandruff During Winter Season!!

By kashish on 13 Dec 2018
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Winter is not known to be a delicate season. It's harsh, the winds are cold, the weather is freezing and unrelenting. One of the biggest issue during winter is the loss of moisture and natural oils from the skin. The skin becomes as dry as a stone. Not only our skin suffers from dry skin but also our scalp. Even our scalp gets dry and develops a layer of dry skin aka dead skin cells that further turn into small flakes and cover our entire head and that is known as dandruff.


Dandruff is merciless, it looks awful and causes diseases on both scalp and the part of skin it touches. The white flakes on your shoulder are not only snowfall but also dandruff. Drier the scalp more the problem of dandruff. Cold winds and room heaters cause the scalp to loose out all the moisture and cause dandruff.  It is not an easy task to get rid of all the dandruff and the best choice to take serious precautions and prevent dandruff from occurring. Take note of few points that can be helpful in preventing dandruff.

Tea Tree Oil

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Tea Tree Oil is a miracle product. It is suggested to use all the products like shampoo, conditioner, serums, etc that have tea tree oil in them. Tea tree oil works like a magic and helps in restoring all the moisture to prevent dryness and dandruff.

You can also directly massage tea tree oil directly on your scalp twice a week for better results.

Chemical products

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It is recommend to not use or to make less use of chemical products for hairstyling. Chemicals present in the hairstyling products are strong and they tend to make the skin dry by robbing all of the moisture thus paving the way for dandruff. The less the use of them,ical products the better it is for the scalp.

Hair Wash

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Do not wash your hair often during winters as doing that will reduce moisture from your scalp due to hot water and chemicals present in the shampoos. Wash your hair with lukewarm water and rinse properly all the soap out of your hair to prevent irritation and dandruff.


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It is very important to keep scalp healthy and hydrated to avoid dandruff. In order to that it is must to hydrate the scalp by oiling it frequently and using moisturising conditioners on regular basis.

Hair Color

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Do not get your hair colour done during winters. It is said so because a lot of chemicals are present in the hair colour that not only make the scalp and hair dry but also irritate the skin and cause itching frequently.


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