6 Clever Uses Of Sugar For Soft & Glowing Skin!!

6 Clever Uses Of Sugar For Soft & Glowing Skin!!

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By kashish on 14 Dec 2018
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Winter season can be harsh on your delicate skin and cause the skin to become dry and crack until it is painful and bleeding. The dryness causes the skin to loose all the natural moisture and therefore the skin becomes dull. This is the time when our skin requires special attention in order to be able to restore its glow back. the best way to do so is by using natural products that can be easily available in your kitchen.


Natural products do not have any harmful affect on the skin and neither do they cause any irritation. Sugar is one of the best product to retain the glow on the skin. Sugar crystals can be used in various forms to make scrubs or masks for the skin. The results of using sugar for skin is sweeter than the sugar itself. Take a look at how sugar benefits the skin and makes it supple and glowing.

Makes skin softer

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Sugar makes the skin softer by hydrating it while getting rid of dry skin cells from the body. It is suggested to mix mashed banana with sugar and apply it on the skin and massage it for few few minutes. Wash it off with lukewarm water and Voila!! You will have soft and supple skin.

Retains natural glow

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Sugar helps in retaining all the lost glow from the skin by getting rid of all the dirt stuck in the pores. Mix sugar with any oil of your choice and use the mixture to exfoliate your body. Soon enough after washing the body clean you will notice your skin feeling smooth, shiny and little fragrant.


Exfoliates lips

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Sugar makes the best products for exfoliating the lips. When lips become dry and black the skin starts peeling off and bleeding. Make simple sugar scrubs and massage them over your lips for few minutes before washing them off. Apply lip balm after it and you will notice your lips looking more pink and feeling more soft.

Gets rid of griminess and make's hand look youthful

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Our hands are the most exposed part of our body. They suffer the wrath of pollution, dust and even harsh weather conditions and therefore they become dirty and look aged. Sugar works as an abrasive that helps in getting rid of all the grim and dust particles from our hands and when sugar is mixed with some vitamin E and olive oil, it also makes the hand look youthful and neat.

Gets rid of dead cells from the skin

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It is recommended to mix sugar with some peppermint oil and massage it on the skin. Sugar is the best and natural exfoliator and it helps in getting rid of all the dead cells from the skin, making it supple and bouncy.


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