10 Brilliant Tips To Rock The *No Makeup* Makeup Look Like Celebrities

10 Brilliant Tips To Rock The *No Makeup* Makeup Look Like Celebrities

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By Samprita on 11 Dec 2018
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The one & only makeup trend that's making rounds in the beauty industry currently is fresh & dewy makeup. We can also call it as the 'No Makeup' Makeup look, which dear ladies is by far our favourite out of all the looks we have tried. Not only it is easy to do but also the best way to look amazing in a few minutes. Also, if you are someone who is still struggling to ace this look, then here are 10 easy makeup tips that can help you to get the *no makeup* look just on point. Just follow these steps to blow everyone's mind with your natural beauty this time!


Prep up your skin

It is best suggested to prep your skin well before you start doing your makeup. It does half the job right there in providing you with a nourished and smooth base to apply your makeup. Also, don't forget to have tons of water to ensure that your skin is hydrated and also clean it well with a face wash that is suitable for your skin type. Apply a good moisturiser and pat it down into your face for proper absorption and you are all set to start your makeup.

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BB creams can do the job

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Foundations are a bit heavy for your skin to breathe and also end up looking cakey after a while. Therefore it is appropriate to apply a BB cream for an even-toned complexion plus protection from the sun with adequate moisturisation.  If you feel you have any dark spots or any marks on your face, then apply the BB cream on the particular spot to conceal it. You don't have to always cover your imperfections, it's natural to have freckles, acne and skin issues. It's all about how you decide to embrace your flaws!



Say yes to *Neutrals* only

This is one thumb rule you need to stick to when you opt for the no-makeup- makeup look, no matter what! Using bright or bold colours is a complete no at this point. It is advisable to use light summery shades like peach, beige, pinks or nudes for the perfect look. If you use any of the dark colours it might turn out to be a horror for you at the end of the day.


Highlight and contour for a fabulous face

Use a dark shade of brown lipstick for your contour and a shimmery pigmented gold eyeshadow as your highlighter if you don't have a proper kit. Both the items will do the task right or you can also invest some money in a good palette that do both the jobs for you. Accentuate your jawline and cheekbones with a subtle contour and apply some highlighter on the top points of your face for a glowing finish.


Powder for a seamless finish


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Setting the makeup with a basic loose powder or compact is very important. The powder ensures that your cream products, contour etc. stay in place for a longer time. It also gives a nice matte finish to your face wherein it also comes handy to carry in your bags so you can give it a touch-up whenever you want.


Mascara for bigger & beautiful eyes

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One makeup product that can do the job to make your eyes pop and make them look dramatic is none other than mascara. You can go a little too much with this one too for the no-makeup makeup look. Start coating the base of your lashes and curl the wand in the upward direction. You can also apply a double coat if you wish to make it look denser and thicker.


Opt for lipsticks on the go


It is best to opt for natural coloured shades in matte or glossy formulas. You can go for a pink or peach colour to apply on your lips that can compliment your no makeup-makeup look. Maintain your distance from browns, red or purples when opting this look.


Tightline with a white kohl pencil

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A white eye pencil is the just the right thing you need on your waterline to make your eyes do all the talking. You can also apply some on the inner corner of the eyes that make your eyes look bigger and beautiful as ever. This step is simple, minimalistic and can add so much to your look.


Blush for naturally flushed cheeks

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Use our favourite cream blush in pink or peach and apply it on the apple of your cheeks to give your face a healthy glow. You can also apply a cheek stain that serves the same purpose for a rosy-flush. Make sure you don't overdo it if you wish to keep it simple & subtle for the desired look.


Fill in the brows

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A feature that is skipped highlighting by a lot of women is the brows. Your brows play a major role in accentuating the features on your face, therefore it is necessary to colour your brows with a shade that matches your bows. Opt for a dark brown eyebrow pencil and fill in the gaps making light strokes. This step can make a huge difference to your entire look so make sure you don't skip this one.


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