5 Remedies To Cure Your Shoe Bites!

5 Remedies To Cure Your Shoe Bites!

By GirlStyle on 07 Dec 2018

We all love going for outings and enjoying our day outs. There is no force on earth that can prevent a person from enjoying their day out if they want to other than some awful shoe bites. Shoe bites are the worst thing that can ever happen  to a person! No, its not exaggeration but the harsh and painful reality, which most of us has to go through.

The problem with shoes bites is that they can be caused easily and require actually no reason. They are caused due to ill-fitted shoes, new shoes, material of shoes, etc. While we cannot just go anywhere barefoot to avoid shoe bites, we can definitely keep in mind about the remedies that can help in curing shoe bites quickly.


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If you have sensitive feet and frequently get shoe bites then vaseline is your saviour. Slather good amount of vaseline on the effected areas and let it rest over night. The petroleum jelly will sooth the blister and provide relief.

Coconut Oil

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Mix two teaspoon of coconut oil with camphor and apply it on the effected area. It is a tried and tested remedy. While coconut soothes the bites, camphor helps in quick healing and also provides some relief from pain.

Rice Powder

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Take some rice flour and mix it with little powder to form a thick paste. Apple the paste over your shoe bites for 15 minutes. Wash it off with lukewarm water. Rice flour might not be the best pain killer but it definitely helps in quick healing of the bites by regeneration of skin cells.


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Apply some ice over your shoe bites. Ice cools down the effected area making it numb and provides relief. It decreases the pain and inflammation. It soothes the blisters.

Olive Oil

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Olive oil is the best moisturising agent. Apply olive oil on the affected area and allow the skin to absorb it. It will prevent the blisters from itching and provides instant relief.


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