6 Quick Makeup Tips For Easy Breezy Flawless Look

6 Quick Makeup Tips For Easy Breezy Flawless Look

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By kashish on 06 Dec 2018
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Most of us love doing makeup and appreciate its existence thoroughly. Today there are over hundreds of different brands that sell variety of makeup products. At the present moment most of the ladies own little or more makeup but never get the opportunity to apply it. The issue is not about being lazy or lack of social event or even lack of knowledge but the main issue is the lack of time. Everything and every work runs in fast pace and most of time we all are rushing to reach somewhere and so we do not have time to sit and apply makeup while in front of the vanity.


Every lady wants to look flawless and gorgeous and makeup is just what we all need but what is the point of owning expensive cosmetics when we cannot apply them. The best solution of this problem is , to know a few simple tricks and techniques that can make work easier for us and less time taking. Applying makeup is not a climb on Everest but it is also not easy. Makeup requires precision and lots of blending and while time is a luxury a few tricks can do wonder. Let's take look at some of the easiest and simple tricks to make applying makeup a task of few minutes.


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Whenever you are in rush mix some of your foundation with a dollop of your regular face moisturiser, mix and apply it all over your face. Try to massage the cream and foundation in your skin for a minute and then just dab a little with beauty blender, Voila!!! Your base makeup is done in just few minutes.


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Don't have time to lip line and apply lipstick?! Pick a dark shade lipstick and dab it on your lips and spread it with fingers all over your lips. You will have a hue of shade on your lips and they won't even look messy.


Blotting Paper

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There is extra shine on the side of your nose and you don't have face powder on you! Dab blotting paper or even butter paper on your skin and it will absorb all the excessive oil from oily areas leaving your skin with natural and minimal glow.


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Apply your bronzer on your cheeks as well as on your eyelids and blend. Bronzing cheeks will give you a little contoured look while it will also serve as simple eyeshadow, simple and classy. You don't have to worry about blending different colours of eyeshadow to achieve some difficult eye makeup.


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Apply a layer of coloured or even black eyeshadow over your lids to achieve the mascara effect. If you are experimental or bold enough go for different colours. It will give the look of coloured mascara while using black eyeshadow will provide the regular mascara effect.


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You don't have appropriate brush to apply highlighter or you are missing your highlighter? Mix your concealer with some cream golden eye shadow and apply it on top of your blush. You will easily get that highlight you were aching for!


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