5 Winter Skincare Tips For People With Oily Skin

5 Winter Skincare Tips For People With Oily Skin

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By kashish on 07 Dec 2018
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Winter season is wonderful, full of winter land wonders, hot chocolate and festivals. It is the best season to amp up fashion game.While there are numerous reasons to enjoy the season, their are numerous reason that make us dislike the season and one of the main reason is that it becomes extremely hard to take care of our skin. The harsh cold winds, internal heat, change in eating habits to pollution all these factors contribute and make skincare even harder.


People with all types of skin have to suffer the wrath of the weather, some more than others. There are various advantages of having oily skin but there are also various disadvantages of having oily skin type. During the winter season these cons multiply and become one of the main reason to cause irritation and problems. We cannot control or change the problems that comes with oily skin types, we can definitely find solution to these problems or even better option, we can take care of our skin from the start to prevent all these problems. Take a look at some of the skincare tips that can help you manage your oily skin during winter season.

Say not to Petroleum Jelly

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Even though it is winter season and the chances of having dry skin increases, do not use petroleum jelly under any circumstances. People with oily skin have overactive sebaceous glands and application of petroleum jelly on the face will cause the face to become excessively oily and it will result in clogged pores which will further lead to breakouts and acne.

Use Water based moisturiser

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It is important for people with all skin types to hydrate their skin, even people with oily skin type. Therefore the best solution for people with oily skin type is to use water based moisturisers. It will not make their face look like grease factory and will prevent the face from getting dry by balancing the level of moisture on the skin.


Use Oil free Makeup products

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Most of the makeup products have natural oils that can cause excess of oil on the skin therefore, when shopping for makeup products keep in mind to buy oil free makeup products to avoid clogged pores on the skin. Water based makeup are available in the market and pair them with matte finish providing makeup products. The last longer without making the face oily.

Pat, don't rub

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While drying your face remember to never rub but pat your face using towel. Rubbing will cause irritation sensitive pores on the skin and it will further cause the sebaceous glands to releases excessive oil on the skin.

Use Natural products

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Products like turmeric, tea tree oil are easily available in your kitchen and all you need to do is to learn to make best use of these makeup products. Natural products are usually suggested for people with oily skincare for healthy and better looking skin. Tea tree oil and turmeric can do wonders to skin so it important to make most use of them. These natural products do not have any kind of chemical that can further harm or damage the skin.


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