5 Tips To Relive Sore Feet After Strutting In High Heels For Long

5 Tips To Relive Sore Feet After Strutting In High Heels For Long

By GirlStyle on 04 Dec 2018

Love your beautiful dress, amazing blow out and gorgeous makeup, but somethings amiss! Yes, a pair of killer high heels to make your legs look mile long and to complete your look. One of the best creation of all time are high heels. They come in various forms and look sexy in each one. The higher the heel the sexier it looks. But as it is said, no pain no gain and the saying continues even in the case of high heels. The only difference is that first we gain then we suffer the pain. 

After enjoying bucket-load of compliments on your stylish attire and amazing night of dancing and enjoying comes the pain and soreness. High heels were developed for the purpose of completing aesthetic look but over the time people developed the habit of wearing them on regular basis be it in office for the day or in the parties during night. The end result is for each case is similar and that is aching feet and soreness and in some cases even blisters. The truth is that no matter how painful the end result is, heels cannot be boycotted. Our love for heels overpower's our senses and blurs the thought of pain. Therefore the best way to tackle this problem is to find the quickest solutions to get rid of all the soreness and aching feet after the party. Take a look at few of the amazing and helpful tips.


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The pain in the feet makes harder to walk to do regular activities after removing the heels. The easiest solution is to soak feet in warm water with either essential oils or with epsom salt for 20- minutes or so. The warm water will sooth feet and help in relaxing the tense muscles. The epsom salt is used to reduce the inflammation and essential oils help in providing soothing feeling.

Tennis Ball

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There is a sharp pain in your feet as soon as you stand after removing heels! Take a tennis ball and keep your feet on it and rotate your leg on top of the ball. The pressure you put on the ball to rotate it helps in improving the circulation and getting rid of the cramps. The motion helps in relaxing the feet and thus reducing the pain and ache.

Cold Floor

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After strutting around in heels nothing can be more soothing and relief providing than simply standing on cold floor. The cold floor feels good because the coldness seeps into the feet helps in relaxing the tense muscles thus providing calm soothing. The cold helps in relaxation and provides relief.


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More than often our feet gets tensed and cramped due to wearing heels for long period of time and moving too much. The best way to relax all the tensed and cramped muscles is by stretching them. The more we stretch the more circulation takes place providing relief and reducing the ache in our feet.


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It is suggested to elevate your feet by keeping pillows underneath them to allow the equal circulation of blood all around the body.  It helps in reducing the swelling and getting relief from the pain.




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