10 Brilliant Low Budget Room Decor Ideas For A Makeover

10 Brilliant Low Budget Room Decor Ideas For A Makeover

By Samprita on 25 Nov 2020
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Are you on a low budget but still want your room to look fancy and cute like we see on the internet? Don't worry! We will not let you skip on your decoration wishes this year. Give your room a chic and radiant makeover this new year as a gift to yourself with these 10 room decor ideas. The ideas are easy to do and affordable so that you can have the best room for yourself. We bet you'll love to flaunt your room with all the pride and happiness on your Instagram and Snapchat stories.


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1)Place some electric decoration candles in jars or put some decoration lights inside a mason jar/ empty wine bottles to illuminate your room in a fancy way.

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2) Add some artful decorative throw pillows to your bed. You can choose patterns that match the vibe of your room. Choose from pillows that have shimmer, geometric patterns or catchy quotes are written on it.

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3) Add a colourful rug to bring some colour and space to your room.

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4) Lighten up your room with your favourite photos alongside LED lights on your desired wall to bring attention and drama to your space.

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5) Use bean bags or floor cushions to add additional seating space and dimension to your room. This would make your room look all cool and funky like the cafes you love to visit.

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6) Hang a photo mural or tapestry made from an old bedsheet with your desired geometric shape, floral patterns or Aztec prints.

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7) Place some small potted plants on your dressing table or study table in colourful coffee mugs to add a touch of nature to your room.

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8) Build a moveable accessory display board to organise your jewellery in an easy way and flaunt them at the same time. All you have to do is to take a plain soft board and hang your earrings and neckpieces on thumb pins. Don't forget to place it next to your closet for easy access!

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9) Be crafty and use wooden alphabets along with led lights to hang them on the wall or you can buy a lightbox online and place it on the table. Choose a word that inspires you or motivates you so that each glimpse of your chosen word can brighten up your day.

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10) Make your own photo wall with posters of your favourite film stars, music bands, cartoons, fashion brands, cartoons etc. and make a frame around them in whatever way you would want with colourful washi tapes.

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