5 Benefits Of Using Amla For Flawless Skin & Glossy Locks

5 Benefits Of Using Amla For Flawless Skin & Glossy Locks

By kashish on 27 Nov 2018
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Also known as Indian gooseberry, Amla is one of the most popular and under estimated fruit. It is used for making  pickles and getting juice but only few know about the benefit of this fruit. Amla is full of nutrition, it is a powerhouse of vitamins and anti-oxidants.  It helps in curing various diseases and is also used in Ayurveda treatments.  For people who have sweet tooth, it might not be the pleasant but it definitely has loads of benefits that are worth bearing its bitter and sour taste.  


Amla was meant to use for health benefits but on noting the positive effect it had on one's hair and skin it became popular fruit for skincare. Take in the notes about some of the positive and helpful benefits of amla.

Treats Pimples & Acne

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Amla is the store house of vitamin C and anti-oxidants. While vitamin C gets rid of pimple and acne causing bacteria, anti-oxidants help in retaining the natural glow on the face while allowing the skin to breathe.

Make a face pack of amla, aloe vera and rose water and apply it on face on regular basis and wash it off with warm water. Regular application will help in seeing the results.

Serves As A Wonderful Cleanser

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Amla is an amazing skin cleanser. It helps in getting rid of all the dirt and grim from the skin clearing it out and making it more smooth and soft. It helps  in toning the skin and brightening the face.

Apply a mixture of amla, lemon juice and lemon juice on face for few minutes to get rid of all dirt and open all the clogged pores and wash it of with lukewarm water..

Helps In Hair Growth

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Amla as we all know is rich in vitamins and minerals. These vitamins and minerals helps in increasing the blood circulation on the scalp. The increased blood circulation not only makes the scalp healthy but it also increases the speed at which our hair grow.

Make a hair pack with amla, aloe vera and eggs and apply it on the scalp for half an hour. Wash it off water and do it on regular basis to see the wonderful growth of healthy and thick hair.

Prevents Grey Hair

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Pitta is the reason why our hair start turning grey even before our old age.Anti-oxidants in amla help in making scalp healthy and fight the problem premature grey hair.  Amla reduces that pitta and thus saves us from head full of grey hair.

Mix coconut oil with amla juice and massage it on scalp. Leave it overnight or for 4- minutes before washing it off. It is suggested to regularly follow the routine for better and quick results.

Reduces Blemishes & Skin Irritation

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Amla is an excellent exfoliator. Using it to exfoliate skin can help in getting rid f blemishes, dead skin cells and bacteria that cause irritation.

Mix amla and rose water and apply it on the skin for 30-35 mins. Wash it of with cool water and do it regularly for better results.


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