7 Hair Care Tips For This Winter Season!

7 Hair Care Tips For This Winter Season!

By kashish on 23 Nov 2018
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As much as we wish for Rapunzel like hair all year long we know for the fact that it is not possible since breakage, dandruff and split hair are not only summertime sadness! The harsh cold winds in combination with indoor heat can cause our hair some serious damage. Our scalp is sensitive and with frequent change in weather conditions, pollution, our lack of care can cause in additional problems. Take a note of few methods by which you can prevent yourself from going almost bald this winter season.


Don't Shampoo Too Often

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During winter season it is already hard to maintain the natural oils in the scalp and regular hair wash can cause the hair to loose all the natural oils and become rough and excessively dry. Try not washing hair on regular basis and definitely use conditioners to keep the scalp healthy and prevent it from becoming itchy.

Reduce Using Hot Ironing Or Curling To Style Hair

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Using hot iron for curling or straightening hair or even blow drying them can cause the hair breakage and split ends. Try to avoid these heat styling routines but if the need arises then do not forget to use heat protection serums and oils for the hair and make it a habit to use leave in conditioners for reducing the split ends.

Don't Leave House With Damp Hair


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Anything that's cold will definitely expand. Leaving the house with damp hair will increase the chances of hair breakage and also cause the hair color to fade away faster. It is suggested to let hair dry naturally or light blow drying before stepping out of the house.

Use Silk Or Satin Scarves To Cover Your Hair 

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Coarse fabrics like cotton and wool can cause excessive split ends and hair fall. It is recommended to line hair with silk or satin scarves or even old fabric scarves to prevent hair from getting damaged in coarse fabrics. Smooth fabrics like silk and satin are soft and delicate enough to protect hair from getting tangled and breaking.

Use Dry Shampoo

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People who have oily scalp will face the issue of limp hair every time they wear a hat or scarf to protect themselves from harsh,cold winds. It will not only mess your hairstyle but also cause your hair to become sticky due to oil. For people with oily hair, it is suggested to shampoo often and condition less. The best solution to face the problem of oil scalp will be to use dry shampoo. Dry Shampoo not only gives the much needed volume or bounce to the hair but it will also help in expansion of hair shaft.


Use Cold Water At Last While washing Hair

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Warm water is known to make hair dry by robbing them of their natural oil. This can cause increase in hair fall and split ends. The best way to tackle this problem is by pouring few mugs of cold water on head at the end of shower. The cold water will reduce the effects of heat on hair and let the hair settle.

Hydrate Hair With Overnight Serums And Oils

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Dry winter air tends to rob your skin and scalp of all its moisture. It is suggested to apply overnight hair serums and oils to prevent hair from frizzing out and looking like lion's mane the very next day. Overnight hydrating will give hair and scalp ample of time to absorb all the nutrients and moisture.



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