#ShaadiGuest: 8 Last Minute Bollywood Approved Makeup Ideas You Can Try Out For Weddings

#ShaadiGuest: 8 Last Minute Bollywood Approved Makeup Ideas You Can Try Out For Weddings

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By Samprita on 17 Jan 2023
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November is the month of festivities and balancing a huge number of invitations as well. It's shaadi season after all, which means you will get to attend numerous functions in pretty looking outfits. However, you also need to make sure that you look your best, in terms of makeup and hair, other than making appropriate fashion choices.


We know by now you might have created your own fail-safe makeup options but beauty is about experimenting and you need to get out there to find out some better inspiration. If you seriously wish to try something different then it wouldn't take more than 10 minutes, if and only if you get in the right direction.

We have rounded up some of the easiest Bollywood makeup looks that you can try out for yourself!


There is nothing like too much of 'blush'

boutiquesarees.comPhoto from boutiquesarees.com

Make fresh glowy skin and blush your focal points on the face. All you need to do is to mix a few drops of moisturiser with your foundation to achieve that dewy finish and jump right away to a cream blush than a powder one. And let the apple of your cheeks do the all the talking!



Wing it out

Bollywoodlife.comPhoto from Bollywoodlife.com

Don't underestimate the power of a flick of an eyeliner especially if you are a minimalist makeup lover. Well, that's actually the HOT TREND this season! You can see for yourself, how Deepika Padukone has kept her base subtle with her extended liner as the focal point. To add some colour she has used the deep pink hue of her earrings as her lipstick shade.



PinterestPhoto from Pinterest

Curls can add oomph to any outfit, be it a suit or saree. You can opt for loose curls or tight curls, depending on your choice. Start right from the middle of your mane rather than the crown to give it a chic look with ethnic wear. Just like diva Sonakshi Sinha, you can also keep it towards the side for extra glam. If you wish to keep your jhumkis in focus then this one is a must-try!



Bronze it up bruh

Guilty BytesPhoto from Guilty Bytes

If you have pale skin like most of the Indians then instead of applying blush, take some inspo from Athiya Shetty's makeup book on how to warm up your complexion with some bronzer on your cheekbones. Her nude makeup face looks LIT with that sunkissed kinda effect.


Dewy & glistening skin

Vogue IndiaPhoto from Vogue India

If you are someone who is blessed with good skin then why do you even need to add layers of makeup to it? Keeping it basic is the new cool instead, you just need to know how to go about it. Stock up on a luminous foundation or add a few drops of liquid illuminator to your foundation & apply to your entire face for a glowy finish.



Golden gaze

iDivaPhoto from iDiva

Well, this is one of the oldest yet the best makeup looks we have been crushing on so far. The golden lid trend is a pure statement in itself which would certainly make your eyes pop without even doing any bit of EXTRA! A no-makeup- makeup look with nude lips and glittery gold eyes is all you need. To fire it up, even more, you can add some falsies and you are all set! Plus this makeup look works for all kinds of outfits as well.


Infinite shades of PINK

pinkvilla.comPhoto from pinkvilla.com

Pink is the 'IT' colour for girls in traditional Indian weddings and so it is almost impossible to go wrong with this one. From subtle light pink nude shades for a flush on your lips to dark mauve shades, all work well with different coloured outfits like yellow, red or even green!


COAT it up with mascara

Joinfo.uaPhoto from Joinfo.ua

Well, who wishes to look like a zombie when you get to see some handsome hunks at the wedding. This is probably a chance for you to find your sapno ka Ranveer! Throw some glamour like confetti with a wide-eyed look. No, we are not popping out your eyes. All you got to do is to add loads of mascara on your lashes to make your eyes appear bigger and more beautiful. Add some spice to it will metallic lips and you are all ready to slay.



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