11 Essential Bridal Skin Care Tips To Follow A Month Prior For Glowing Skin On Your Big Day

11 Essential Bridal Skin Care Tips To Follow A Month Prior For Glowing Skin On Your Big Day

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By Samprita on 16 Jan 2023
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Every bride is indeed the showstopper of her wedding and which girl wouldn't wish to look all beauts on her special day. Am I right or am I right? It's a bride's dream come true to have all the eyes on her when she enters in her pretty lehenga with fresh & dewy makeup on. But it takes a lot of time & effort to finalise on all the minute details of your big day. Months are spent on deciding the wedding decorations, bridal outfit, invitations and what not! If you are a bride-to-be then you would know that accessories and ensemble consume so much of your thoughts that amidst all this planning and organising the bride forgets to take care of herself.


In the middle of all the chaos, it is very necessary to maintain a skincare regimen that helps you look fab on your wedding with a luminous glow on your skin. And, it is safe to say there's no such thing as starting too soon. So, get going with these 11 tips ASAP for healthy and clear skin on your D-day!

  • Don't leave anything on the last minute preparations when it comes to your skin. It is better to start off now if you have any kind of skin issues. The products which have exfoliating acids (AHA'S) can help in the removal of dead skin cells. Dead skin cells tend to build upon the skin making it look all dull and lifeless and once it's gone you will have fresh and glowing skin again.
  • Don't even think of trying any new products up to three weeks before your wedding day and this includes everything for skin, hair, makeup or even your shampoo! This is to avoid any kind of reaction before the most important day in your life since any kind of allergy would take a couple of weeks to settle down.
  • Start drinking green tea instead of any other form of caffeine. Why? Because not only it will help in a good diet and weight loss but it is also very known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to help reduce acne and brighten your skin.

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  • Make sure that you use a nourishing moisturiser not only on your face but your entire body to keep it hydrated. Weight fluctuations can lead to stretch marks, therefore, it is important to keep your skin well-nourished. Find ingredients like Vitamin E and other natural oils in the products you plan to buy! GirlStyle India is in love with the Nourishing Cream- Saffron & Almond Oil With Natural Vitamin E by Soul Tree.

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  • Remember to take good multi-vitamin supplements especially if you are on a diet. If you aren't having the right amount of nutrients that your body requires then it will ultimately show up on your skin and hair. You can try out omega oil supplements since they are great for your skin and body.
  • Make sure you wear an SPF60 every day, starting from one month before your wedding. Avoid roaming in the sun or even sunbathing because you don't want to look tanned in your wedding photos. So keep reapplying your sunscreen in intervals and don't forget to cover your lips, ears and neck. GirlStyle India recommends you a great cream-based sunscreen Organic Harvest Sunscreen with SPF 60.

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  • Stress can result in breakouts and acne which would be quite unfortunate before your big day. Since the wedding prep time can be extremely stressful it is advised to download a meditation app or you can try to do some yoga on a daily basis to keep your stress levels under control. Both will help to calm your mind and balance the body.
  • There is going to be a lot of focus on your hands on your big day so make sure you keep your hands and nails in their best condition. Massage almond oil into your nails and hands on a daily basis. This will make your nails strong and your hands super soft. You can also prepare a DIY mix of olive oil and sugar to gently exfoliate your hands and then moisture them with almond oil.

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  • Don't forget to take care of your lips and wear a moisturising lip balm for hydration. Keep reapplying your lip balm throughout the day, especially at night. Do this at least a month prior to your wedding and your lips will be soft and smooth. GirlStyle India suggests you invest in Luscious Lip Balm Sugared Rose Petal Taruni by Forest Essentials which is a  nourishing lip balm with a nice fragrance of rose petals.


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  • Sleep is an absolute must for a healthy glow since lack of sleep can cause dark circles and end up making your skin look all tired and dull. Therefore a good sleep of 8-10 hours a day is very necessary before your big day.
  • Try homemade facials or organic skincare products to achieve a glow from within look. They are safe to use and can help you maintain that spot-free look. You can opt for a fruit-based face mask with banana, honey and milk to get a radiant glow on your special day. GirlStyle India recommends getting your hands on The Ultimate Wedding Regime by Kama Ayurveda for a head to toe preparation.

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