6  KAJAL Pencil Brands To Get Colourful & Poppy Eyes!!

6 KAJAL Pencil Brands To Get Colourful & Poppy Eyes!!

By GirlStyle on 15 Nov 2018

Kajal is one of the most used and popular cosmetic product. It is extremely versatile and can be used for creating different makeup looks.  It is hard to part from such a simple and fab product, not that anybody would want to! Just one swipe and the entire look of the face changes. It transforms the way our face looks magically. 

Black Kajal pencils are quite ubiquitous. Almost everybody has them in their vanities but these days people are getting fascinated by the beautiful coloured Kajal pencils that are slowly gaining popularity and have become a trend.  Blue, green, golden, silver are some of the colours that people have started using and it is sufficient to say that these colourful kajals looks extremely beautiful. Almost every brand has their line of Kajal pencils and it is not possible to keep track of every brand and their products therefore we bring you some of the best coloured Kajal pencils in different brands that are Best Buy for you.


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Not a long ago Lakme launched a line of eye conic coloured Kajal pencils in white, brown, green, grey, white and black. Black as we all know is pretty common but it were other 5 colours that stole our hearts. These pigmented and smooth Kajal pencils glide on your eyes like butter. One swipe is enough to bring out the beautiful colour. These colours look absolutely beautiful and they are also long lasting, that means we you don't have to worry about reapplying it again and again. Priced at Rs.250, they are must buy.


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Colorbar has a range of Just Smokey Kajals that give 3 in 1 benefit and are available in 7 different. They can be used as Kajal, eyeshadow and eyeliner. These Kajal pencils give help in achieving the dramatic eye look that can last upto 12 good hours. These Kajal pencils come with a cushion smudge on the opposite side of the Kajal that can be used to smudge Kajal and get the amazing smokey eye look. The Kajal provides matt texture and deep rich colour which is also non transferable and waterproof, I mean what else could a girl ask for!! These Kajal pencils are available at the cost of Rs.650.


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Maybelline has a range of Colossal Kajals that have 5 different shades of Kajal, one is black and rest 4 are in turquoise and greenish-blue, silver and forest green shades. The kajals have long lasting quality and stay upto 7-8 hours. Smooth and buttery, these kajals are extremely easy to apply without any tugging or digging. They come in regular canary packaging and cost Rs.250 only. They are perfect is you want to tone your makeup down and still maintain your style quotient.


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Plum is one of the fastest growing cosmetic brand that is gaining popularity rapidly. Like any of their other product, these Kajal pencils are  absolute delight.  Available in 3 different shades of brown, black and green, these Kajal pencils are intense in colour. They are smudge proof, waterproof and perfectly suitable for sensitive eyes. They have ultra smooth formula that makes it easy for application and give perfect chic finish for glam look. They are available at the price of Rs.450 and they come along with a sharpener to maintain that perfect tip for application.

Blue Heaven

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Blue Heaven is has launched a Soft Kajal Eyeliner range that has Kajal and eyeliner in one. It is available in green, blue and black shades. The Kajal pencils are made of organic ingredients and are buildable. The shade can be enhanced by gliding it multiple times as per desire. The Kajal pencils are long lasting and they come along with a sharpener at the opposite end of the pencil.. They come at affordable price of Rs.125 and are easily available at the nearest stores.


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Avon True Colour GlimmerStick is a range of intense and deeply rich Kajal pencils that is available in 4 stunning shades. the Kajal pencils are smudge and water proof which makes them perfect for regular use. this colours are long lasting therefore one does not need to worry about regular touchups. Their formula is silky smooth and out glides across the waterline smoothly. It has soft satiny like texture that accentuates the eyes and gives them dramatic touch.  They have black, deep plum, burnt olive and deep navy shades. The product is priced at Rs.299 only.



Pictures- Lakme(divassence), ColorBar(Pinkrimage), Mayebelline(makeupandfashionfreak.com), Plum(blushing shimmers.com), BlueHeaven(youtube), Avon(Amazon)
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