7 Tricks to Achieve The Perfect Pouty Lips!

7 Tricks to Achieve The Perfect Pouty Lips!

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By kashish on 09 Nov 2018
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The trend of having pouty lips has become a rage among people. What started as a method to achieve the balance on face with fuller lip years ago, has now turned into one of the most demanded and followed trend, that refuses to become a passé.  We can thank celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Kylie Jenner who spiked the trend of having voluptuous lips and made it Internet sensation over night.


It is not important to get a cosmetic surgery in order to achieve the perfect pouty and sumptuous lips. Simple makeup tricks can be equally helpful in achieving the look without any pain and side effect.  Take a note of few simple tricks that can help you get the  desired pouty perfection.

Use Lip Primer

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Always make sure to apply lip primer before applying lipstick or gloss. It will not only fill all the gaps on the lips but it will also be helpful in making lipstick last long and look smooth.

Exfoliate Lips

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Dry and flaky lips cannot ever look fuller or perfectly pouty. In order to get rid of all the dry flakes, exfoliate your lips at regular intervals with dry toothbrush and lip balm.


Draw X

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The best and easiest method to achieve perfect Cupid's bow is by drawing an X on the top of the upper lips to define them more. Drawing an X will give lips a proper dimension and highlight Cupid's bow more.

Plumping Gloss

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Now a days every cosmetic company has developed a product known as lip plumping gloss. It helps in plumping the lips naturally on temporary basis. Apply the gloss on lips and after few minutes you will start feeling tingling over your lips and they start becoming voluptuous.

Exaggerate Lip Line

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Create an illusion by over outlining the lips. Apply the lip liner in a normal manner and then smile and see where you can exaggerate the lip lining. Apply extra layer of lip liner and then apply lipstick over it.

Lip Gloss 

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One of the biggest and easiest trick is to apply lip gloss on the centre of the upper lip to make it appear look fuller and sumptuous.

Translucent Lip Liner

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Use transparent lip liner on lips before applying liner or lipstick ignorer to prevent dark colours from slipping from the lips and ruining their shapes.



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