7 Ways To Take Precaution Against Smog

7 Ways To Take Precaution Against Smog

By kashish on 08 Nov 2018
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Not even a day has passed since Diwali and an ugly smog has taken over the town and all the nearby areas. All the smoke and pollution with addition to smoke produced due to burning of firecrackers has caused smog to settle over the entire city. All these toxic fumes are not good for health and cause severe allergies, asthma attacks and breathing problems. This can be harmful for people of all ages from toddlers to people of old age.


People have busy lifestyles and various obligations that cannot be avoided by sitting at home and waiting for the smog to settle down. Day to day activities like going to school, offices, shopping and work, etc cannot be avoided or delayed but one can definitely take precautions from making the situation bad to worse. Save the health of your family and loved ones by taking the following advices and incorporating them in your regular routine for better health and lifestyle.

 Wear Face Masks

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Do not forget to wear N95/99 face masks every time you step out of your homes. These masks will help in filtering the air and absorb all the germs and other toxic fumes.

Avoid Exercising Outside

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Refrain from exercising outdoors until the smog settles down and even restricted kids from playing outside until and unless the pollution reduces.


Avoid Heavy Traffic Areas

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Avoid the areas with heavy traffic as not only it will increase the time of stay outdoors but all the smoke emitted by the vehicles will cause more harm to health than anything else.

Drinks Herbal Tea

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Herbal teas have all the natural benefits due to the presence of hers and roots and are extremely healthy for body. These will help in minimizing the harmful effects of the pollution.

Stream Everyday

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Take steam at least once a day with few drops of eucalyptus oil, to sooth lungs and air passage and also to excrete harmful particles from the body.

Use Air Purifiers

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Use air purifiers specially in the rooms of kids and of elder people to purify air from all the harmful and toxic particles. They help in cleaning the airs indoor and make it easy to breathe and relax.

Ventilate Your Homes

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Open your doors and windows between 3 and 5 pm and allow air ventilation. On any good sunny day, the air is 2.5 times considerably more pure and free of harmful substances.


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