5 Makeup Travel Essentials For Your Next Vacay!!

5 Makeup Travel Essentials For Your Next Vacay!!

By kashish on 30 Oct 2018
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It is extremely easy to over pack. Once we start packing we don't realise the sheer amount of stuff we have put in our bags until it takes two people to close our suitcase. It can be clothes, footwear and even makeup that we tend to over carry sometimes. It can be overwhelming to cut our favourite clothes, footwear or even makeup out of our suitcases because even though we might not wear or use them during our trip, we feel the urge to keep them with us as plan B.


The best way to solve issues like these is to pack intelligently and with a proper planning. All the makeup junkies always get lost when it comes to preparing a makeup case for travelling. For makeup lovers their entire vanity is important and therefore every time they start making their travelling makeup kit they get confused. The best option for this is to pack things that can be used in more than one way and can be substituted for larger products like foundation bottles or eye shadow palettes. Let's take a look at some of things that can be used in multiple ways and are the only essentials we need while vacay-ing.


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One of the most important and must have product in travelling makeup kit is moisturiser. A moisturiser serves two purpose, first is helps in hydrating the skin before applying makeup and second it is a wonderful substitute for makeup remover and helps in removing makeup without leaving rashes on face.

Bb Cream

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A BB cream is easiest and simple substitute of foundation. It is easier to apply as it does not take as long as foundation to blend, also it gives face a natural beautiful glow without making it cakey.



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Lipstick is also a must in makeup travelling kit. It gives beautiful colour to our lips and secondly it can also be used as blush. Apply some dots of lip shade on your cheeks and blend them well. Voila! You have colour on your cheeks without any blush.


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A compact powder also acts as a wonderful substitute to foundation. It gives light coverage and covers all the marks and spots on the face. It is further used to set the base and also if applied on lashes before mascara, it gives them more bouncy and thick look.


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The only time a lady needs drama is, on her lashes and it can be easily achieved with the help of a good mascara. A mascara will give lashes thick look which will eliminate the use of eye liner. It gives thickness to lashes and is time saving. Two coats of mascara are more than enough for making eyes pop.



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