7 Ways To Work Ripped Denim Like A Pro!

7 Ways To Work Ripped Denim Like A Pro!

Mix & Match
By kashish on 30 Oct 2018
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Ever since 2010's distressed aka ripped denim has constantly been in trend, it is hard for people to not wear distressed denim, be it jeans, shorts, skirts or even jackets.  One or the other person around you will be wearing distressed denim. The best part is, that they look extremely fashionable and easy to carry. They look chic, professional and funky at the same time.


Distressed denim is known and is so popular due to the fact that even though they look extremely casual, they don't look messy or weird. All it requires is to be paired properly and boom, you can have a fashionable attire. Let's take a look at some tips that make your distressed denim look more like "straight out of runway" rather than "bedraggled".


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You can easily look super chic and trendy if you tuck in your shirt or t-shirt in the waistband of your jeans and complete your attire with white shoes and glares. White shoes compliment all kind of types of denim.

Layer It Up

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You can also layer your denim jeans with a crop top and gingham shirts. Leave the buttons of your shirts open for a cool look.  Nothing can be more suitable for such a young and trendy look than a pair of white shoes to complete this look.


Knotted Tops and Booties

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Look instant chic by complimenting your distressed denim jeans with a super funky top that is knotted at the bottom. Booties will coordinate well with this look and give your attire a classic look.

Tanks and Leather Pants

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If you want to look badass and trendy at the same time then the best option is to wear a distresses denim jacket and pair it with a tank top and leather jacket. While tank

tops and denim jacket sounds comfortable, leather pants will add to the level of badass to complete your look.



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Let it be known that sweaters compliment denims the most. A comfortable and simple sweater with distressed jeans, shorts, skirts or even overall lifts up the entire look. During the start of winters coordinate your overalls with a simple sweater and you will look no less than a fashionista.

Booties and Skirts

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Denim skirts have always looked fashionable and distressed denim skirts have been a rage. Pair your denim skirts with a loose t-shirt and tuck it in the waistband of your skirt. Complete your look with a pair of cute booties and you are ready to hit the town and paint it blue.

Ribbed Tops and Stilettos 

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Look classy and glamorous even in a pair of distressed shorts by pairing it with ribbed vest tops and stilettos. Ribbed tops are super comfy and they even more look gorgeous.



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