10 Street Food To Enjoy This Festive Season!

10 Street Food To Enjoy This Festive Season!

By kashish on 11 Aug 2018
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All of us can easily relate to famous 90's song "Main toh raste se jaa raha tha, Main toh Bhel Poori Kha raha tha."  Why ? Because we just can't resist the temptation of eating spicy and flavourful street food. We don't need any special occasions to enjoy the street food. The thought of it is more than enough to make us salvate. Be it while shopping in the markets or going out with friends for sutta break, we just cannot stop from eating paani-poori or enjoying Chole Bhature at any time of the day. So here is the list of 10 street foods that are the actual taste of India.



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"A Rose by any other name smells as sweet." Golgappe, Puchkaas or Paani-puri no matter what it is called we just can't resist these spicy-tangy flavourful delights. Served on every other  corner of the street, they make the best treat for summers.


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Fried and crispy packages stuffed with spicy potato filling, Samosas are the hard to resist delicacies and are often differentiated due to their triangle shape Served with sweet and spicy chutney Samosas are wonder pockets!



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The northern Indian version of dumplings are wonderfully filled with minced vegetables or minced chicken. They are served steamed or fried and taste wonderful to eat with mayo or spicy red chutney.


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This crispy treat comes with various different fillings. Stuffed and fried till they become crunchy and reddish Kachoris are a hit among people and can be eaten at any time during the day. Kachoris are served with potato or  cottage cheese stew if savoury and  sometimes with yoghurt and tamarind chutney if served sweet.

Vada Pav

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Thes Indian version of burgers are extremely popular and tasty. Coming from the land of Mumbai, these little snacks charge more than 90% of the population of the city at very cheap rates. We can never just get enough of these spicy vadas stuffed within buns along with chutney, spices and green chillies. They are best to be enjoyed from the small roadside stalls.


Chole Bhature

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Usually eaten for breakfast Chole bhature are the lip smacking street food adapted from Punjabi cuisine. Chole are the Indian version of white peas cooked with lots of spices and they are served along with Indian version of bread that is fried till turned golden. They are served piping hot alongside onions, chillies and mint chutney.

Kathi Rolls

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Coming from the land of Rasugullas i.e Kolkatta, Kathi Rolls are extremely fulfilling and drooling rolls. Kathi rolls are kebabs, cottage cheese, or vegetables stuffed inside wheat flatbread called parathas along with mayo, butter and various types of chutneys. These extremely delicious rolls are available at every street food corner and are pocket friendly.

Aloo Chaat

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This sweet and sour delicacy is originated from Mughal kitchen and is the north Indian version of street food. Chaat comes in various forms, it can be aloo chaat or a tikki with sweet and sour chutneys and yoghurt topped with sev and papdi. They are lip smacking and easily available. They definitely top the street food brigade and one can never get enough of it.


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This Gujrati style of street food is extremely popular, delicious and healthy. dhoklas can be found in both street food stalls and sweet shops. Shoklas are prepared by steaming the gram flour mixture and then they are given a rye and curry leaves tadka only to be soaked in sweet syrup. Dhoklas are available in different types and eaten with different chutneys and sev.

Dahi  Bhalla

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Dahi vada or Dahi bhallas are soft lentil dumpling that are soaked in yoghurt,sweet tamarind chutney and are  extremely flavourful and yummy to eat. They are available not only street food stalls but in hotels as well. Dahi Bhallas are served with sev and papri on top as well. They are mouth watering and irresistable.

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