10 *Must Have* Ethnic JHUMKAS For Your Jewellery Box

10 *Must Have* Ethnic JHUMKAS For Your Jewellery Box

By Samprita on 04 Jan 2023
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Are you someone who is obsessed with chandelier-like earrings in your jewellery box? If yes, then you are in the right place to know everything about it. They are the king of all earrings and the most loved one too among girls! Yes, they are none other than Jhumkas which are traditional, fancy and very pretty for any event or even for day to day use.

So, embrace the beauty of jhumkas this season in different colours, metals and trends because we are about to give you all the reasons to stack them in your jewellery box. They can oomph up your style with both modern and traditional looks. So, here are ten types of jhumkas for you to jazz up all the attires in your wardrobe!


Chaand Baali


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Chaand Bali literally means 'moon earrings' which are in the shape of a crescent moon and trinklets below it. This style of jhumka is a pretty mix of two stunning designs of jhumkas & chaand-bali both. Well, that's enough of a reason for us to buy them for the festive season this year. The earrings have straight come from the royal 19th century and we are really thankful to the Nizams for having a classy taste for fashion. The earrings have a glorious and vintage vibe of Rajasthan to them & worth the creation of pure elegance even for the millennials.


Ear Cuff Jhumkas

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These jhumkas are a true reflection of the Indian ethnic beauty with a touch of the modern world and the results are astonishing. These jhumkas are a stunning staple for you which is made from best of both the jewel beauties. The earring features a cuff style that ends with a jhumka and has the power to turn heads with any ensemble. They are available in multiple patterns and designs that you can sport with any outfit for a boho-chic look.


Hoop Jhumkas

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As the name suggests, the jhumkas are in the shape of a hoop which is generally circular or semi-circular and they appear in the shape of a dangler and are generally closer to your ears in terms of distance. If you are someone who is totally head over heels for ethnic jewellery then this is the thing that you need to own for the upcoming festive season. Oxidised, dark or stone-studded ones, these are everything to fall in love with!


Layered Jhumkas

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This is another sensation from the league of jhumkas wherein the jewels are layered in installments.  They are arranged in the shape of an umbrella-like structure, one below the another. When the layers are present in more than two numbers then they are referred to as multi-layered jhumkas which are perfect to rock with the Indian traditional dresses. They are trending like fire this season so don't forget to buy them in oxidised silver or gold for a dapper look.



Kashmiri Jhumkas

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This one is from the land of beauty, Kashmir and that is what makes them so beautiful to have. They are unique and quite in trend always plus they stand apart in the race of accessories because of its stunning look and the multiple options you have to style them in the way you like. The closure of the jhumkas are a little extended and come with a long chain and gorgeous pearls that can be tucked behind your ears or in different sections of your hair. If you wish to have a different look this time then you can opt for these to showcase the beauty of length.



Chandelier Jhumkas

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These are another invention by the Nizams of Hyderabad and we are really thankful for their sophisticated choice of chandelier designs that looks like an exquisite piece of jewels hanging down your ear. The jhumkas have an extended tassel end that is perfect to add a pop of modernity and high fashion to your outfit.


Dangler Jhumkas

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Danglers or also known as dangling earrings are available in multiple shapes in the market such as hoops or one that simply hang. Dangling essentially means to hang so anything that comes with multi frills that are studded in a pattern is called Danglers. They are adequate to go with desi attires and have a very bohemian vibe to it. They come in different styles like metallic, pop pom, coloured and many more!


Lakshmi Jhumkas

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These earrings come with a small figure of goddess Laxmi on them and are quite appealing to the human eyes. The figure of goddess Laxmi is very beautifully incorporated into the jhumkas with a further extension of mini ghunghroos that complete the look. Remember when we were introduced to the peacock design a while back? They seem like another addition to the already popular style. The crafted idol of Laxmi Ji is a perfect steal for festivals like Diwali, religious events and pre-wedding ceremonies.


Paisley Jhumkas

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This jhumkas features the exquisite design of paisleys and filigree work that are the true definition of the Indian culture in terms of traditional crafting. The design stands out in every way when donned with different styles of drapes and suits. They are very light to use for day to day purposes and an extremely stunning piece to store if you are a jhumka hoarder.


Geometrical Jhumkas


The shape of the jhumka is in a more refined manner since the name of the jhumka defines its look. They are available in a lot of shapes like rectangle, triangle, square, dome etc. which you can decide for yourself. Every shape and size is ideal for a particular face that can make you stand out of the rest and they are also a great addition to your jewellery box. Pair them with pretty long skirts and shirts and you are good to go for the day!


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