10 Quick Last Minute Preparation Tips On How To Look Gorgeous This KARVA CHAUTH

10 Quick Last Minute Preparation Tips On How To Look Gorgeous This KARVA CHAUTH

By Samprita on 03 Nov 2020
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Karva Chauth fever is about to begin in some time and all beautiful ladies have started with the preparations of the festival. Women have a lot to do on Karva Chauth like keeping a fast for the long life of their husbands and to look beautiful for the auspicious day.  Ladies who have a huge family to take care of or are busy with their work at offices we can completely understand that how much you have to manage in a day.


After all, only women have the capability to conquer all! Don't you think? And because we love you so much, we are here to help you save some efforts for the day so that you look fresh as a daisy for the celebrations in the morning. Presenting you 10 tips to follow to avoid the last minute hosh-posh for Karva Chauth. Make sure you follow these tips to look all radiant and stunning for one of the most important Indian festivals.

Make sure you drink loads of water from today onwards to keep yourself hydrated and to help release toxins from the body to achieve a natural glow.

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 Apply your favourite moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated and gently pat it instead of rubbing for proper absorption. You can also use rose water instead to wash and clean your face at regular intervals for a hydrated skin. 

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Visit the salon to indulge yourself in a relaxing hair spa or a salon session for other treatments like waxing, manicure or pedicure.


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Go for a nail art session to get beautiful nails to add some spice and glam to your entire look.

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Pamper your skin with some homemade face packs like turmeric and aloe vera for a soothing effect on your skin or honey and milk mask for a radiant and soft skin.

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Avoid caffeine in any form to stay active and energetic for the day to complete all your chores in time. Caffeine tends to leave your body dehydrated so rather opt for green tea to get rejuvenating skin and stomach both. 


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Do not experiment with bleach, facials or any other skin treatments just a day before because it may not suit you and there are a lot of chances that it may severely affect your skin.


Massage your facial skin with baby oil since it helps in relaxing your muscles tissues and makes your skin supple and tender. Baby oil is suitable for all skin types so you can go for it without any second thoughts. 


Do not leave any residue of makeup on your face overnight for a healthy finish in the morning. Make sure to remove it before bed to avoid any skin eruptions at the last moment.

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Last but not least, sleep well at night leading to Karva Chauth to avoid any dark circles and fatigue. You need to stay bright & fresh to keep a fast for an entire day. 

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