7 Tricks To Get Glowing Skin In 5 Minutes!!

7 Tricks To Get Glowing Skin In 5 Minutes!!

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Bykashish on 23 Oct 2018 Digital Editor

Every skincare routine has its benefits but the main issue with all of them is that they take a chunk of time from our busy schedules and there are instances when the luxury of time is not in our hands. Be it cleansing, toning, moisturising or exfoliating; all these things require time and patience and in our busy lifestyles there is no time for these things. Everyone of us pledges, to stick to our routine once we start with our skincare routine but eventually with time our pledge and our motivation, both flow like sands seeping from hands and due to our lack of care skin starts becoming dull and stops glowing. During situations like these, what we need the most is some easy tricks to achieve instant glow and smooth skin. Let's take a look at some of those simple and benefitting tricks that can give us glowing and healthy skin within few minutes.

Ice Water

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Iced water tightens and clears our facial pores and rejuvenates skin. It reduces puffiness and inflammation thus making our face look vibrant and glowing.

Milk & Cream

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Massaging a tablespoon of chilled cream on face for 4-5 and washing it with cool water helps in moisturising face. It helps in getting rid of dry and dull skin thus making it look soft and glowing.

Tomato & Honey

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Tomato has anti oxidant elements, massaging ripe tomato with a dollop of honey on it on face helps in restoring the natural glow. The anti oxidants and vitamins present in tomato also helps in lightening the dark areas thus giving a natural blush on face.

Chilled Rose Water

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Rose water is often used in facials and it is also present in most of our skincare products due to its rejuvenating and restoring powers. Spray chilled rose water on face and remove it with cotton after 5 minutes. It will not only help in getting rid of all the dirt that sticked to the face but it will also give face a fresh look and tint of natural blush.


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Keep a hot towel on face for 5 minutes and then splash cold water on face. Steam will help in opening all the clogged skin pores and cold water will help in getting rid of the dirt and closing the opened pores. This will result in refreshing the face and getting natural glow.

Honey & Olive Oil

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Mix few teaspoons of honey with few drops of olive oil and massage it into the skin for 5 minutes. Remove the honey and oil with a damp cotton ball. Honey and oil will moisturise the dry skin while getting rid of dullness. It will not only make. skin extremely supple and healthy but it will also bring natural shine to the face.

Salt & Coconut Oil

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Massage the mixture of coconut oil and salt on face for few minutes and wash the face with cool water. Salt helps in exfoliating and getting rid of dry skin while coconut oil will moisturise the face, making it look shiny, fresh and soft.

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