5 Best Homemade Hair Packs For Soft, Shiny & Healthy Hair

5 Best Homemade Hair Packs For Soft, Shiny & Healthy Hair

By Samprita on 23 Oct 2018
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Are you suffering from hair related issues that leave your mane feeling dry and damaged? Well, the only way to restore what you have lost in your hair is through moisturisation and proper care. While there are multiple treatments available in salons, it is always suggested to use homemade remedies for beauty purposes since they are simple to do and pretty affordable.  The natural ingredients in the hair pack repair your brittle hair and make them healthy and strong without the use of any chemicals.


Before you start with the routine, identify your hair issue so that you can take certain precautions on a personal level to take adequate care of your hair. There are various reasons that can affect your hair's health like heat, chemicals or pollution, therefore, it is necessary to nourish your hair for gorgeous locks so that you can rock your new ethnic style this festive season without any fears.

We have created a list of five hair masks for different hair concerns that will help you solve your hair issues. But the only promise you have to make to yourself is to keep following the routine for some months and you will see guaranteed results.


Aloe Vera and Olive Oil Hair Mask- Dryness & Split Ends

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Our hair also suffers from dryness just like our skin does in extreme weather conditions and we need to take good care of our hair as well to avoid further damage. The best-recommended way to fix dryness and add life to your dull hair is with a face pack which has all the benefits of Vitamin E. Take aloe vera gel or fresh pulp from a leaf, add 2 spoons of olive oil and empty the whole content of Vitamin E capsule in the paste. Mix it well and apply it evenly on your scalp especially on the lengths and tips of your hair.  Leave it on for 30 minutes and then wash it off with a mild shampoo.



Honey, Lemon and Yogurt Hair Mask - Dandruff

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Dandruff is another hair issue that stems from dryness in your scalp and can end up causing you a lot of embarrassment. So, if you are someone who is suffering from dandruff then a pack made with honey, yoghurt and lemon can be your go-to remedy. Mix 2 spoons of dahi or yoghurt with 1 spoon of honey and 2 spoons of lemon juice. Mix it well and apply it on your hair for 15 minutes then rinse it off with a shampoo and lots of water at the end.


Methi Daana and Coconut Oil Hair Mask - Hair Fall

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This is one of the biggest hair issues that every woman has to face and getting rid of this one has become a tedious task with the increasing pollution and hair products that are stuffed with chemicals & are not advisable for your hair. But we have a hair mask that can give you all the benefits of your kitchen ingredients. You must be aware of coconut oil, the king of all hair oils that nourishes your hair banishes hair dryness and breakage, and on the other hand, fenugreek seeds or methi dana strengthens your hair. So to put all your hair fall problems to an end here is how you can make the pack, grind 4-5 spoons of the seeds in a grinder to make a paste and add 3 spoons of coconut oil to get the right smooth paste-like consistency. Apply the mix on your scalp and entire hair lengths. Leave it on your hair for an hour and then wash it off with shampoo.



Vinegar and Mayonnaise Hair Mask - Shine & Softness

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If you have dry and dull looking hair then this hair mask is all you need to add lustre to your hair. Prepare a pack by mixing 2 spoons of mayonnaise with 2 spoons of white vinegar. You can modify the quantity of the pack and ingredients on the basis of length and volume of your hair. Mayo is well known for its good conditioning abilities and vinegar has the capability to add real shine to your hair. Apply the pack on your hair from top to end and cover your head with a shower cap. Wash it off with a mild cleanser at the end.


Brahmi and Amla Hair Mask - Premature Greying

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A mix of Amla and Brahmi can control premature greying in your hair and help you achieve wonderful looking hair all the time. All you have to do to make the pack is to take 2 amlas without the seeds and make them in a paste form, add 1 spoon of coconut oil and then add 3-4 spoons of Brahmi powder to the entire mixture. Apply the final pack on your hair for an hour while keeping it covered with a shower cap. Then wash it off with water and use shampoo if required.


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