8 Golden Rules Every Girl Should Follow For Beautiful Hair

8 Golden Rules Every Girl Should Follow For Beautiful Hair

By Samprita on 05 Jan 2023
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It's a dream for all the girls to have shiny and silky hair like the models we see in shampoo advertisements. Soft and healthy hair can boost so much confidence in you and add spark to your overall look. To all the girls who are dealing with dry and damaged mane, here are 8 golden rules you must follow to get shiny hair in no time.


A right shampoo is what you need

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Choose a shampoo based on the texture of your hair and how often you wash them. It is always advised to buy a shampoo infused with essential oils for full hydration and nourishment. Keep trying until you find the right shampoo for your hair.

Wash your hair whenever required

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It is always good to maintain a balance since it's believed that shampooing too often can take away its natural oils but not washing them at all can make them more damaged and dirty. This is because oily hair and dirty scalp result in losing shine from the hair.

The last rinse with cold water can do wonders


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One of the easiest but skipped steps in the process of washing hair is how to rinse them. In order to get shiny hair, it is always suggested to rinse your hair with cold water at the end. Washing hair with hot water results in more dryness and an uneven surface whereas cold water wash will add tons of shine to your hair.

Don't forget to apply conditioner

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A conditioner is as important as shampoo is. Therefore, make sure you invest in a good conditioner for appropriate hydration and moisture. Conditioners with essential oils will add strength to your hair and take away the dryness like magic. Therefore it is important to condition your hair always after shampooing for lustrous hair.

Say no to heat

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Styling your hair with heating tools can dry up your hair even more. Maintain your distance from hairdryers and straighteners for healthy and voluminous hair. If you plan to style your hair for a special occasion, do not forget to use a heat protection spray on your hair before you start.


Food for your hair: Homemade hair packs

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You can apply eggs, honey, milk, curd or different natural oils for strong and healthy hair. DIY hair masks or home remedies turn out to be the best hair care routine in this process of achieving shiny hair. They can add tons of volume and texture to your dull and lifeless hair.

Post-wash care

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After you wash your hair do not rub them with a towel to dry since rubbing your hair will cause friction and damage them even more. Apply a few drops of light oil or serum to the ends while your hair is little damp and massage it well to add moisture to the tips. It is recommended that you air dry your hair and use a wide-tooth comb to untangle knots.

Relaxing hair spa at the salon

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Visit a salon in every one or two months to pamper yourself with a hair spa. The relaxing massage and spa therapy de-stresses your mind and promotes hair growth. The nutrients in the spa cream will also add shine and strength to your hair to fix all the damage done with sun, pollution, and styling.

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