5 Movies You Should Never Watch When You're Hungry

5 Movies You Should Never Watch When You're Hungry

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By Shivani Yadav on 11 Aug 2018

If you're a hardcore foodie, well then this list is just for you!


We shortlisted 5 movies which heavily feature food and we mean it very seriously when we say this, do not watch them if you're hungry or get a tasty snack during, otherwise you'll be drooling all over the place. Now, on to the list!


During the entire time of this movie, we guarantee that you'll have a river running in your mouth considering those multiple scenes where Jon Favreau is shown cooking mouthwatering dishes. The story follows a renowned chef who in order to find his creative freedom, starts a food truck. Apart from being a nice light-hearted movie, it can also be considered a great father-son and a road-trip film. There are many layers to this one; don't worry though, food will remain the biggest star at the end of the day!

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Julie & Julia

The film revolves around Julie Powell, a food blogger, who starts writing about her process of following Julia Child's recipe book and it may sound a bit artificial, it's actually a lot more heart-warming. The movie jumps to different time periods, sharing both Julie and Julia's stories, all the while keeping a connection between them through food.


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One of Pixar's best, this movie about a rat wanting to cook is not only inspirational but also a great Paris movie. But be ready to fall in love because 80% of the movie heavily features french food. Also be bet, once it finishes, you'd be dying to get a taste of titular Ratatouille.

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Like Water For Chocolate

This movie is widely considered to be one of the best romantic films and for good reason!
The plot revolves around Tita, who is the younger daughter in the family and as tradition demands, she can never get married and has to take care of her mother. She loves Pedro and even though loves her back, circumstances lead him to get married with Tita's sister. With passing time, Tita's powerful emotions start coming to surface in fantastical ways through her cooking.
Watch the movie for delicious Mexican food and gorgeous magical realism.

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Tampopo is a classic Japanese comedy film with a basic plot of two milk-truck drivers helping a restaurant owner cook great noodles. But what makes this movie stands apart is it's fantastic writing which has extremely funny dialogues. Also, look out for some pretty crazy sexual food fetish scenes and fantastical elements as well. It only makes the movie better, you know!

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