Indian Television's 7 Most Epic Vamps Of All Time!!

Indian Television's 7 Most Epic Vamps Of All Time!!

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By kashish on 19 Oct 2018
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It is a fact that no Indian television show can be successful without a vamp. A stylish, glamorous, rich vamp with more than a million ways to disrupt the life of both male and female protagonist. It is true to say that our favourite television serials won't be as interesting as they are if not were for the evil plotting scheme of vamps. These vamps are portrayed in such a way that we love to hate them.


Having said that, one of the most important fact is that potraying a role of negative character is not at all easy. It can be extremely hard to convince the audience of ever present evilness if the acting is not on point. Over the years we have seen hundreds of different actresses portraying the role of vamps but there are a only certain number of actresses who managed to leave the mark of their evilness in our mind. Let's take a look at some actresses who have been the most epic vamps whose evilness managed to blew our minds.

Urvashi Dholakia

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Let it not be said that there is a limit to evilness, because Urvashi Dholakia ruled the top spot in the Hall of Vamp. Her portrayal of Komolika was so epic that even now people remember her as the best vamp of Indian television industry. There has never been a match to her level of evilness and ability to manipulate people.

Sudha Chandran

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Sudha Chandran essayed the role of Ramona Sikand in television show Kahi Kissi Roz and her evilness topped the chart beating all other evil step mothers about whom we heard in fairy tales. As her character Ramona, Sudha portrayed the role of cruelest mother and Saas. Not only she tried to kill her son but she also murdered her daughter in law twice. Her evilness had no end just like her long bindis. If her role as Ramona was not enough then you may also recall her role of Yamini from show Naagin.


Ashwini Kalsekar

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Ashwini played the role of Jigyasa in Ekta Kapoor's show Kasam Se. Her ability to plan evil scheme was larger than her bindis. As Jigyasa she sabotaged her brother and his wife's happy married life, she managed to steal the property of her brother and even murdered her nephews. She managed to clasp all the happiness with her evil claws.

Kamya Punjabi

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Kamya  played the role of Sindoora in show Banoo Main Teri Dulhan and we can definitely say that worst sister award belongs to her. Sindoora not only made her brother mentally unstable but she managed to send her sister in law in jail for smuggling drugs, made her husband paralysed and successfully killed her brother and sister in law. Now that, ladies and gentlemen is pure evil!!

Adaa Khan

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Adaa Khan essayed the role of Ichadaaari Naagin- Shesha in show Naagin. She not only turned her sides and became pure evil. As Shesha, she first betrayed then killed her sister and brother in law and if that wasn't enough then she tried to kill her niece as well.

Amrapali Gupta

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Amrapali Gupta played the role of Tanveer aka Billo Rani in show Qubool Hai. As Billo Rani she murdered the entire family of her best friend and a king, separated her step son and his wife and tried to murder them as well. Her evil plans proved to be as strong as her stone eye.

Leena Jumani

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Leena Jumani is currently essaying the role of Tanu in serial Kumkum Bhagya. If it true to say that with the level of evilness she has and the number of plans she can make, she could easily be world's most wanted terrorist. She has more evil schemes than population of India. One after another, she unleashes her evil plans on the protagonists to disrupt their lives.


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