#TopToToe- How To Rock Neon In Style!!

#TopToToe- How To Rock Neon In Style!!

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By kashish on 17 Oct 2018
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Colors like neon green, fluorescent orange, bright yellow and hot pink bring all eyes on you. These kind of colours come under the category of neon colours. These colours are bright and shiny and are perfect to grab attention. Neon become a rage for the first time in 1980's when people started including these colours in their wardrobe in various forms. From clothes to accessories to footwear neon colour was seen everywhere in different forms.

Neon colors are bold colours that can make and break any look if not worn properly. These kind of colours are extremely flashy and are not meant for  people who are shy and don't want to grab the attention of the entire audience. It is hard to not be noticed if one is donning neon attire.  Celebrities have been frequently spotted rocking in neon attires or accessories, since the trend has been back with a bang. From small to high fashion, every single brand has incorporated neon colours in their collections.  Neon is a little hard to incorporate in wardrobe and to help you avoid the embarrassment of looking like a clown, we have tips on how to rock neon in style.


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The important trick is to remember to pair a neon dress with subtle makeup and footwear. Since we all know how flashy neon can be so to prevent from looking like a neon sign it is best to keep other elements simple and subtle.

The other option is to compliment the neon colour with its similar pastel or light colour. For an instance hot pink can be paired up with coral pink to bring the funky element without looking like a can of paint.


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The other best option to incorporate neon in wardrobe is by wearing neon blouse along with simple black lower, plain footwear and accessories. It is suggested to avoid wearing neon colour in bottom and specially if one has some extra chubbiness in lower body as neon highlights the imperfection. Whereas donning a neon blouse will highlight facial features instead of flaws.



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Neon footwear look playful and quirky. They can be paired up with any kind of attire preferably colours with darker tones or in white and cream. When paired properly, neon footwear look extremely classy and can be worn to formal occasions as well. The footwear can be wedges, stilettos, pumps, ballerinas, etc.


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Neon handbags look elegant and funky at the sane time if they are paired well the clothes and footwear. It is important to make sure that clothing- be it a dress, a suit, a jacket, blouse and bottom, etc should be subtle. Footwear can be complimented with neon handbag by being of same shade or light.


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Neon accessories can be a easily complimented with attire. Neon jewellery can be styled along with classic blouse and simple black bottoms. They can also be complimented with neutral footwear. Even formal dresses go well with neon colour satchels.


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