7 Self Protecting Tips Every Girl Should Be Familiar With!

7 Self Protecting Tips Every Girl Should Be Familiar With!

Bykashish on 16 Oct 2018 Digital Editor

It has been noticed recently that there has been a sudden increase in gender violence and no strict action is seen being taken against it. Harassment, rape, murders, kidnapping, human trafficking, everything that one can imagine is happening with some or the other female at some parts of the country. Gone are the days when people actually were as nice as they appeared to be and it is one of the biggest reason that #METoo Moment has started trending in India after being raised about in other countries. The sudden increase of crimes against women are due to the fact that there are stubborn, orthodox and narrow minded people who do not want to understand that women at this age are equal to men and they deserve equal opportunity at every single phase of their lives, be it for right to education, right to pursue career, find social standing or being able to demand respect.

Keeping in mind about the depressing condition of today's society it has become extremely important for every single woman to be capable of protecting herself during the dire and unfortunate circumstances. Being said that, it does not mean that every woman has to become the female version of Jackie Chan, but it means that there are few tips that women should keep in mind or be aware about when it comes to their safety. Here are a few tips that women should know about to keep herself safe.

Always trust your instinct. Don't do a job if the environment doesn't feel right. Don't go to a party if the company is not good. Do not drink alcohol because others are drinking or because the company is not familiar. Your instincts play a major role and can save you from any form of danger.

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Always carry pepper spray or red chilli powder with yourself. Under dangerous circumstances, these things give a window to find escape or run.

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Always be aware about your surroundings. If you are travelling alone or to some unknown or new place, always be aware about the happening around you. Do not be absorbed in your cellphone or in doing any other thing.

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Always note down the number of the automobile you are travelling in and send it to some of your friends or family member. Always keep a number on speed dial for emergency situation.

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If you are attending some party then get drinks for yourself instead of taking it from someone else. Take a fresh drink if you left your older glass without any supervision, there are chances someone might have spiked it. Do not accept open bottles from anyone unless they have opened it in front of you.


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Always inform at least one person about your plans. Let at least any one family member, friend or roommate know about your plans and schedule for the day.

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Learn and know basic defence stances to be able injure the attacker and escape during unfortunate conditions.

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Refrain from going to any party or at any random location with someone you do not know well about.

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