7 Type Of Maang Tikkas That Every Bride Can Choose From

7 Type Of Maang Tikkas That Every Bride Can Choose From

By kashish on 19 Oct 2018
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One of the most beautiful accessory that is loved by women is Maang Tikka. It is worn on head at central or side parting. It can be worn by unmarried girls and by married ladies. It is quirky kind of accessory that comes in various shapes, sizes and designs. Maang tikka also symbolises feminine power and womanhood. It can be worn during any occasion be it a festival or at weddings. Maang Tikkas cannot be missed as they are one of the most important accessory and no traditional look can be complete without it. There are different types of maang tikkas to select from and match with your attire. Let's take a look at some of those maang tikkas.


Pendant Style

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Pendant style maang tikka is called so because of its size that is similar to that of a small pendant. It is best suited for round and small face type. It looks classy and fashionable without over powering the look of entire face.

Oversized Maang Tikka

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Oversized maang tikkas are for those ladies who have broad foreheads. The huge size of maang tikka helps in covering the extra space in forehead. It can be in the shape of full moon or crescent. They are further studded with big stone or sometimes pearls to give that royal and classy look.

Paasa/ Jhoomar


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Paasa is originally the traditional ornament worn by Muslim brides on the day of their wedding. But nowadays it can be worn by anybody. It is worn usually on the left side of the forehead. They cover almost the entire side of the forehead and it is available in various shapes and sizes and can be selected accordingly.

Single-tier Maatha Patti

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Matha Pattti is the style of maang tikka that is pinned at the back of the head and it emerges from both the sides of the forehead covering it, with a pendant hanging from the middle that lands on the centre of the forehead. It is usually worn by brides even though girls can wear the lighter version of the accessory if they like.

Multi-tier Matha Patti

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It is similar to single tier. math Patti and the only difference between the two is the addition of tiers that emerge from the side of forehead. This kind of matha patti has sometimes two or more strands that are linked together to give beautiful look.


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Borla is traditionally worn by married Rajasthani and Haryanvi women. It is a symbol of marital status of women. It looks simple and glamorous. It is a round maang tikka that lands on the centre of the parting and it can be customised according to the choice of gemstones.

Side Swept Maang Tikka

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Side swept maang tikka is the one that covers the centre parting and one side of the head. It is one of the coolest maang tikka and it looks amazing chic and classy. It suits best when accompanied with a lehnga.


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