7 Different Types Of Payals For All The Pretty Ladies!!

7 Different Types Of Payals For All The Pretty Ladies!!

By kashish on 14 Oct 2018
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India is known for the grandeur of its celebrations for every occasion. It can be a wedding, a celebration for winning, a party, anything. Indians just need a reason to celebrate and have fun. There is no denying in the fact that celebrations related to festivals and weddings run entire year and it can only mean one thing that is shopping. From new clothes to accessories to footwear, no item should be left out. One of the most beautiful and oldest accessory is Payal or Anklets.


These are beautiful piece of jewellery that are supposed to worn near ankles. They are available in various pattern and designs and can be worn by any lady for any occasion, be it a bride for wedding or be it a regular lady for festivals. Lets take a look at some of the beautiful payers that can be worn during festivals with traditional clothes.

Traditional Gold Payal

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The ever classic gold payal can never go out of style. Their intricate design looks beautiful and compliments wedding attire and traditional wears best. The small tinker bells or ghungroos are the part of additional charm to them. It is available in different designs and pattern and can be selected accordingly.

Ajmeri Payal

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Ajmeri payal are derived from traditional Rajasthani payals also known as Paijeb. These payals are made out of silver and are heavier in weight than regular payals. These kind of payals are still worn by tribal Rajasthani women to signify their married status. These gorgeous payals can be worn during festival seasons.


Toe Ring Payal

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Toe ring payals are extremely trendy and are definitely in favored by girls these days. These kind of payals have toe rings connected to them. First the toe rings are worn and then the payals are hooked near ankles. These kind of payals are available in various designs, from heavy bridal wears to light festive wears and one can select accordingly.

Polki Payal

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Polki payals are gold payals with additional colorful stones studded into them. Polki payals are more colorful and funky than regular payals and can be matched with the color of the costume. they come in various shapes, sizes and colors and can be paired with both wedding and festive attires easily.

Silver Payal

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Silver payals are most commonly worn payals. These are usually simple and sometimes studded with a gem stone. These kind of payals have been worn by  people for years and they never go out of style. These payals are simple and can be worn daily for normal use.

Kundan Payal

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Kundan payals are regular gold payal that are made with the kundan work done on them. These kind of payals have semi precious stones studded into them and are available with both ghungroo and without ghungroos. The most attention seeking element of these payals is the beautiful attachment of semi precious stones into them with the intricate designs and craftsmenship.

 Pearl Payal

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Pearl payals are the one with earls attached into them to make them look more elegant and beautiful.  Theses pearl payals looks delicate and are extremely light in weight. This kind of payals can also be worn daily and also during special weddings and festive occasions.



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