12 Cute & Quirky Things Every Girl Should Own In Her Life

12 Cute & Quirky Things Every Girl Should Own In Her Life

By Samprita on 10 Oct 2018
Senior Digital Editor

Girls love to keep up with all the latest trends and we are not surprised that they have a lot of options to choose from. Thank the lord for that! So, here is a list of things that every girl would like to buy for herself to add sass in her daily life. We have got almost everything covered from cute little bags to room decor you can add to your space to bling it up. So, here are 12 cutesy items every girl needs to spill sparkle and confetti all over!

Makeup Bags

The cutest way to stash all your makeup essentials this season.

Wonderful DIY
Photo from Wonderful DIY


Coin Bags

Store your cash in these little bags which are super adorbs to travel with!

Photo from SoooKawaiiStore

Sleeping Eye Mask

Sleep in the most stylish and comfortable way with these princess-like eye covers.

Photo from dhgate.com


Sipper Bottles

Stay fresh with these fancy sparkly sippers cause it is the perfect dose of happiness you would need for the day.

The Chic Pad
Photo from The Chic Pad



This hot pink pom-pom bag charm is all the colour you need to beautify your staple black bags.

Photo from Alibaba.com



Stock up these pretty notebooks or planners to write in style cause you just can't have enough of these in your stationery.

Photo from chinahao.com

Fridge Magnets

Girls love food and what could be better than dazzling the space they have to visit after every other hour. Add some quirky and colourful magnets to your fridge to decorate it!





Don't let your files wander carelessly at work cause unicorn pen drives are always available by your side to prove that you are the ultimate girl boss.

Photo from Banggood



The macaron design earphones are so yummy that we can eat them right away. Imagine how appealing they would look when plugged in your phones.


Photo from portal.weloveshopping.com


Phone Cover

This is essential for all the girls and also the only way wherein you can jazz up your style daily. There are various options available in the market like pop sockets, covers with cute quotes, sparkles and cartoons etc.

Photo from dhgate.com


Small Plants

Deck up your room or office desk with mini indoor plants to keep your environment alive and fun all the time.


Photo from colibri.club


These are one-of-a-kind pretty pens that every girl would want to have in her stationery. The candy shape and bright colours take us straight to our good old childhood days.


Photo from AliExpress.com


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