10 Beauty products Every Bride Should Have In Her VANITY BOX!!

10 Beauty products Every Bride Should Have In Her VANITY BOX!!

By kashish on 13 Oct 2018
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The most exciting part of getting married is obviously shopping, for clothes, jewellery, accessories and  most importantly makeup. Women love using makeup and especially the brides to be. Special vanity cases are prepared for the brides taking into account their newly married status and latest trends. The Indian brides are usually seen wearing dark and vibrant colors post marriage, be it in their attires or in their makeup choices. There are endless options available in various brands to select makeup from. It is extremely common that, while shopping women tend to shift focus from the need and indulge on buying myriad products just because it looks appealing.  Well, this it is sheer waste of money if expensive cosmetic products are unused and are left as mere showpieces in the vanity until one fine day they expire. Therefore, here is a list of 10 products that a bride must have in her vanity case



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Newly Wedded brides have to get ready often and therefore to protect their skin from clogging foundations and other skin related issues Primer is a must have in the vanity.


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Foundation is the base of every makeup look. It is very important to have the right foundation that matches your skin tone and it is suggested to buy and use one bottle of foundation at a time because of its short shelf life and even without any extras, a bottle can last and be used for at least a year.



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No makeup look will be complete without lipstick. One can never have too many lipsticks in heir vanity. Shades like pinks, purples, red, mauve and browns are extremely common for both formal and informal events.


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Blushes are important in the vanity to be able to provide natural tint to cheeks if bridal blush is not enough! Some  color on cheeks never looks bad.


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In order to make eyes look even more attractive than usual days eyeshadow palettes are must in vanity. They make eyes look even more pretty by making them look bigger and intense.


Makeup Brushes

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It won't be easy to apply makeup in the best way possible if there are no makeup brushes in the vanity. Makeup applied by hands can be messier and it will even  cause infections on skin since all the germs will be travelling from hands to makeup products.


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To make the eyes look wide, pretty, bold and cat like, eye liner is definitely  needed. It enhances the natural beauty of the eye and is help full even in lazy days when one is tired of blending eyeshadows.

Makeup Remover

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One of the most important rule of applying makeup is to remove makeup before sleeping. It is better to remove makeup before sleeping or after party rather than to look raccoon or like a homeless person due to smudged makeup.

Nail Paints

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Nail liqueurs are very important to enhance the beauty of the hands and make them look better, therefore they are must have for a bride whose wedding and engagement rings will be on display for at least first 3 months of the wedding.

Setting Sprays

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Last but never the least setting sprays are important for long days to prevent makeup from fading and smudging away. They also help in bringing the additional glow on the bride's face due the presence of glitter particles in them.


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